Why is education so important from the age we learn to read, write, and talk?

Apr 22, 2015
by: 18cheunga

Education is a key factor to the development and success of one’s life because education will build as someone grows older. It benefits them and allows them to further enhance their interests and capabilities. Believe it or not, education starts at around the age of 2-3, most people say (Expat Web Site Association). Once someone begins to learn to read, write, and even talk, their mind starts to develop to receive ideas and view things differently. From then on, education will be a significant aspect of one’s life because they can take in knowledge, understand it better, and use the information in the future.

Professional education starts off at a young age, usually around 4-5 years of age when kids go to preschool or kindergarten. It is important that education starts off at an early age because it takes time for kids to understand a certain piece of information. When first learning about a topic, studying and understanding it is advised because it can then be stored into the long-term memory (Dougherty). It is also possible that the information learned from kindergarten can build up and help someone in the future, especially in high school. Education is known to be cumulative, so every little detail can guide someone to more specific lessons (Dougherty). Without an early start, only 10% of students in reading, 6% students in science, and 3% students in mathematics are ready for college by the time comes, as studies show (Dougherty). As stated, education from an early time allows better advancements for a bright, successful future.

Education is a part of interest and social building that will make one’s life not only successful but fun. If education is portrayed to be fun, especially at a young age, it will be less boring and easier to withstand in older years (Expat Web Site Association). It sets the bar of how students should view school and learning. People tend to be more enthusiastic and try harder when they know how education works. Also, at a young age, kids receive more fun “treatment”. If education contributes to a fun atmosphere, it helps the kids a lot more (Expat Web Site Association). Not only will it help them become smarter and intelligent, it will be in an interesting way.

Education beginning at a young age makes kids more behaved and get better grades. Research in Head Start programs state that people with an early start on education have higher IQs (EducationCorner). It is essential for kids to get good grades, but even better with higher ones. In the future, colleges will look at your grades and determine if you are acceptable for their school. If someone wants to go to a good school, they must achieve their goals and do well in school. Kids with an earlier start are used to this academic determination and are more prone to try hard (EducationCorner). Associated with this is behavior; students with a head start in education are more behaved and calm. These two traits help people in general and it is good to have them because these characteristics can bring someone to success.

Education is very important in people’s lives and they are lucky to have it. It is significant in building character from an early age. Education at a young age is important because since it is cumulative, education builds up little by little. It also helps everyone connect in similar and different ways and inspires kids to become interested in certain activities or topics. By adding an enthusiastic feel to education when you are in Kindergarten or Preschool, it will not only be beneficial but fun. To conclude, education should be something everything takes into consideration and takes seriously. It will help people turn out to be responsible and intelligent.

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