Why I like this piece of writing by a student who experienced the earthquake

May 1, 2011
by: 16krevoyb



After reading the all the stories, written by students who experienced
the tragic earthquake, the one I liked best is titled: “Crying, Praying and Memories Back
” by Ashita K. The story is about how a girl
experienced this horrible earthquake in school. She speaks about the fear in
her and her classmates. Then she talks about how the mess on the streets causes
her parents not to be able to pick her, show she has to spend the night in
school. She says that although it was scary she had some fun due to support
from her friends. At the end her father picks her up and she gets home safely. 

If you would like to read the story visit: http://quakestories.wikispaces.com/International+School+of+the+Sacred+Heart



Why I like this story, and why it is interesting.

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Submitted by 16krevoyb on Sun, 2011-05-01 11:54.

I like this story a lot and I feel it is very interesting because it explains what a student
my age did to survive the tragic earthquake. Another reason I enjoy this story and feel it is very interesting is because it shows how something terrible can become slightly pleasant.
Overall I feel this is a very good story about the Earthquake, and the story will also show you another side to the story. 


What do you of this story?