Why is music so important?

Apr 16, 2010
by: sbue6298
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I think music is good for you because it can help you in many ways weather your having a good day or bad day. Music is like a person’s best friend it’s always there to cheer u up or taking your mind of things. I personally like listening to music when I’m bored or just to break-dance to the rhythm, weather u like what the meaning of the song is or, just to compete with your friend to see who knows a certain song or the most songs.

“Music is what moves everyone, and without it, life would be pointless.” – D. D.

“Music is important to me because it gives me something to look forward to everyday.” – K. K

It just adds to everything.” – L. H.

People depend on music to move on with their lives.

Music can be described as a drug because of how everyone listens to a certain type of music or just like all types. Music is a way life and will never die out anything can make noise and those noises can combine to make what is called music.

Music usually makes people rich which makes famous and that makes fans. So in my own terms music is a part of society. Music is like a god that tells u to keep on moving just in a form of a song like a secret letter that gives you a reason to live.


i thinks its

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i thinks its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music is important to me

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Music is important to me also because it helps me concentrate when I do my homework.

omg! ur so right! music is

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omg! ur so right! music is awsome!! i like listening to it because it just gets things off of my mind!

I feel music is very

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I feel music is very important because it gives people a chance to express themselves not only through what they wear but their music as well. Music has such a big impact on people and it moves people in different directions and in differents moods depending on the person and the song they listen to.

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