Why Some are Addicted to Shopping?

Apr 18, 2012
by: baetir

Something I have been interested in learning more about is “Why People are Addicted to Shopping?” This topic is interesting to me because I consider myself a shopaholic because I love to buy clothes that are popular right now. I love to buy clothes that everyone is wearing so I can fit in, and that’s one reason why I believe there are shopaholics. I think other people know that one reason people are shopaholic are because they have a lot of money and can’t spend it no other way than shopping.

I already knew a lot about this subject because I hang around shopaholics. Most of my friends are shopaholics because they are always getting the latest fashion trend that is going around. I also know most people get their fashion from celebrities such as rappers, movie stars, and athletes. One more thing I know is that most shopaholics get a relief from shopping. If girls are stressed or going to a bad time they can always go shopping to clear their minds.

My first source provides a lot of information for my topic. It most stated what an addiction to shopping could do to your life. One important fact that the article stated was that excessive shopping can be a financial disaster. The author said “"Often times a person will spend over their budget and get into deep financial trouble, spending well above their income,"."The normal person will say, 'Oops, I can't afford to buy this or that.' But not someone who has an addiction," he or she will not recognize the boundaries of a budget.

My second source mostly provided information on why it’s so hard to quit excessive shopping. One sentence that the article stated that was interesting was “In fact, 1 in 5 respondents said saving money requires more discipline than quitting cigarettes.” When I read this quote I was in awe. I knew that excessive shopping was bad, but I didn’t know it could get out of hand like that. This helps answer my question by telling my why it’s so hard to get rid of excessive shopping.

In my third source it provided information on why people are shopaholics. Like I said before, when people are depressed shopping can clear their minds, and the author agrees with me when she said “Some people go shopping when they are sad, worried, upset or lonely and they want to feel better. They use this activity as a way to forget their problems. Shopaholics say that they feel more important and better after they buy something.” The author also stated another interesting fact “Men really like shopping because they feel they have power and control. They get whatever they want. Also, men usually buy big items while women spend their money on clothes, cosmetics, decorations for their houses, or things for family.” This sentence stood out for so much because when you think of shopaholics you think about girls, but boys can also be shopaholics. This helps me answer my question by telling my why people become shopaholics.

My fourth source provided information on how you can tell you’re an excessive shopper and what you could do to get rid of compulsive shopping. One sentence that relates to me is “Shopaholics, when they are feeling "out of sorts, shop for a “pick-me-up." They go out and buy, to get a high, or get a "rush" just like a drug or alcohol addict. This relates to me because when a new pair of sneakers comes out I have to have it and I’ll do whatever to get it. For example, one time a new pair of “Nike Foamposites” came out and I waited in the line till 6am to get it.

My fifth source provided information on the factors for compulsive shopping. For example the author stated “Just about anywhere we go these days, billboards, commercials, and on-line banners invite us to spend money on things we probably don't really need.” I agree with this sentence because the technology, clothes, and even food are main factors to why people are addicted to shopping. People want new stuff that will make them enjoy their life better. For example teenagers, you have to have those new pairs of sneakers or that brand new phone to fit in. Another example would be someone that uses technology to get joy since they don’t have a lot in their life.

After learning more about this topic I’ve come to realize that being a shopaholic is not that bad of a thing. It’s pretty bad if it gets out of control and you become addicted. But, if you’re a little down or depressed and need some happiness in your life; go out and buy the latest product that came out. Go out and back the latest fashion trend or shoes that just came out. But don’t let it get out of control, and don’t use a credit card if you don’t got the money to pay it back especially you teenagers.

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You have to control it with your mind.

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Submitted by shatiat on Thu, 2012-04-19 10:21.

I'm glad I came across your post about shopping. That's something everyone likes to do, some more than others.

Shopping is a way to relieve stress or just to have time to yourself. I don't know where the addiction for that comes from, but it's a common thing for most females to want new things often.

Teenagers have to keep up with the latest trends or they won't fit in. You can have your own style, or you can just wear what's hot and new.

Clothes and shopping define who I am, what I like to wear, what I like for everyone to see me in.

Is I got older, my style changed. Sometimes I want to dress real girly, other times I want to just throw on some sweats and sneakers and call it a day.

In other words I think people who are addicted to shopping are in control of their minds. It's not a real disorder or problem. People make their choices mentally, so I think they are old enough to know when to stop or enough is enough.

Everyone buys something once in a while that they don't need, but want. To me there's nothing wrong with that if you know how to control your spending and live within your budget or wages. Some people spend more on there attire and don't have a single dollar in their pocket.

thanks for writing i look forward in reading other post from to see your outlook on common thing s such as shopping.

Dear Baetir, I am very

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Submitted by asheikap on Thu, 2012-04-19 10:30.


I am very interested in the article you wrote Why are some people addicted to shopping?
you are right many people love to shop and sometimes shopping can be a down fall in life, because it can also leave people broke which is unhealthy if you are in debt and you have no money to buy something valuable that you really need because you already spent your money on clothes.AS for me I love shopping and to spend money on clothes but sometimes I have to learn how to manage my money the right way.

One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is Just about anywhere we go these days, billboards, commercials, and on-line banners invite us to spend money on things we don't really need I think this is a very good example of people trying to bribe us with all of this and they know that many people are addicted to many things that they see so that;s a way of making easy money especially with the expensive clothing lines.

Another sentence that I read was I’ve come to realize that being a shopaholic is not that bad of a thing. It’s pretty bad if it gets out of control and you can become addicted. I agree with what she says because I really don't think shopping is such a bad thing but if a person know they not rich why spend money they don.t have they should think about things they really need instead of suffering the consequences of being broke because they made the wrong choices.

Your article reminds me of something that happen to me one time when I went out and brought a lot of money worth of clothes and I didn't realize I over draft on my bank card and I didn't have money to buy something I really needed that day I was upset and didn't know what to do, but since I experience this problem I've learned to manage my money right and whatever I cant afford Dont buy it.

Thanks for your writing . I look forward to seeing what what you write next because I can relate to this and i want to see more of whats on your mind and some more personal thought on how you feel about things.