Why Truck

Mar 31, 2015
by: mschmiett

For a job that requires one to be on the road in solitude for long periods of time, there are still aspects that make truck driving appealing, according to this article. Truckers often start their day out early, get their assignment, make any repairs to their trucks, and set out on the open road. People, typically men, find this job appealing for they get to work on cars and are in control the entire time. While they are on a time line, truck drivers are in control and don't have to be pestered by annoying co-workers. People also become truck drivers, for there is no educational background really necessary except a drivers license, a chauffeur's license, and have a good driving record. Most truckers have had at least two years of high school, but no advanced schooling is necessary, making it a great job if one had to drop out of school or couldn't receive a higher education. While it seems like most people make around minimum wage if they don't go to college or have little potential for growth in their job, truck driving pays around $11.50 an hour. If truckers feel like they are in a rut and want to do more in their job as a truck driver, after a few years of experience, they can apply to become a dispatcher or supervisor. Truckers can change from being local drivers to driving heavy, special, and long distance trucks. In rare occasions, some truck drivers start their own trucking companies. With 1-4 weeks of vacation time to go with everything else, truck driving is a very desired, and competitive, career.


Mik, I really enjoyed your

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Mik, I really enjoyed your topic. It fits you, I liked that you talked about in detail about the background of how they could be eligible for the job and how they even could go on to start their own companies! Good work Mik!