Wicca, or more commonly referred to as Witchcraft

Jan 30, 2015
by: jcruz
Pentacle, Earth, Wind, Water, Air, and Spirit

Across all the major influential religions in the world, the majority of them condemn anything to do with magick and Witchcraft. Although many believe that Witchcraft died off years ago after the persecution of such Witches, in actuality there are those who still practice The Craft under our very noses. Researchers still cannot pinpoint where Wicca originated from, but what they do know is that Witchcraft has been around for centuries.

Wicca is modern day paganism, the religion that involves witchcraft. Witchcraft is defined as the a practice or belief in magick, usually associated with a pentacle symbolizing Earth, Wind, Water, Air, and Spirit. Magick is defined as the ability to use and manipulate nature to bring about a change. But there is more that goes into Witchcraft than just the hollywood mumbo-jumbo. A Witch does their research, they access the knowledge that they seek, learning more about themselves and the world around them. There are many sub-categories to Witchcraft as well, such as: Garden Witchcraft, Candle magick, Clairvoyance, Incense magick, etc. Many tools consist of incense, goblets, athame, wand, lit candles, flowers, water, statues that symbolize the Goddess and God, pentacle, your body/spirit in its sober form. As a Witch, you have responsibilities and strict rules, the most important of all these rules would be: Harm None. You must not put anyone or anything’s life in danger, whether it be on purpose or accidental. You may not force or manipulate the will of others.

Witches wear robes, sometimes even pointy hats, but this type of clothing is only worn in ritual work or holidays, usually wearing whatever they desire (the norm, the usual). Many Witches celebrate both the Goddess(’) (usually symbolized as the moon, and/or any Goddess throughout all the religions) and the God(’) (the sun, or as mentioned above).

Annual holidays consist of New Years (Halloween, October 31), Winter Solstice (December 21, God), Imbolic Day (February 2), Oestra (German Goddess March 21), Beltane (May Day, both Goddess and God), Summer Solstice/Litha June Day (June 21, God), Lammas/Harvest Eve (July 31, first harvest), Mabon (September 21, birth of God). It is important that the Witch begin their celebration prior to the date, until the day after. As usual, the way the holiday is celebrated usually depends on the Witch, as long as they celebrate with eagerness and love the holiday is successfully celebrated.

As a Witch I feel it is only logical for people to at least understand from our point of view how our religion truly is rather than how mainstream society views it. We wish to pass on our knowledge to those who wish to seek it. What is meant by this is that Wicca will not be forced upon others, we will not reject the opinions of others when it comes to their religious beliefs, but of course we will try to defend ourselves when an untrue statement is said.

“Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In perfect love, in perfect trust.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

An ye harm none, do as ye will.

And ever mind the Rule of Three:

What ye send out, comes back to thee.

Follow this with mind and heart,

And merry ye meet, and merry ye part."

The Wiccan Rede tells it all.



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Submitted by mrim on Sat, 2015-01-31 03:56.

I've always wanted to learn about Witchcraft ever since I was little when the show Charmed was still playing on t.v. I still watch it now because of the powerful message that it sent. Its just amazing how things happen. I would love to do witchcraft one day, to just learn about myself and the world around me.


Submitted by ynguyen on Mon, 2015-02-02 19:14.

I used to like many things related to witch and witchcraft, but I believed it is just something like a fairy tales or just a fiction thing that doesn't exist. This is just so cool because when I think about it, it does make sense that religion does associated with witchcraft. Thanks for sharing this information.

You learn new things everyday!

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Submitted by aly on Wed, 2016-01-13 01:57.

wow! I didn't know about all this about witchcraft. I really do learn more things day by day. When you said that, " Magick is defined as the ability to use and manipulate nature to bring about a change." That really blew my mind. Cause I had no idea about that. I remember the only time I heard witchcraft in history was that time when people were getting blamed for doing witchcraft. That resulted in a lot of murder and innocent people getting killed. But thank you for the information, it was really interesting to learn this.