Wild Goose Chase

Sep 12, 2011
by: mrssimon
goose chasing boy

Matthew wrote a story about a goose coming into his yard. He learned to use quotation marks and onomatopoeia to enhance his story.

Wild Goose Chase
By Matthew

One day I went outside. Then I saw a goose! I tried to scare it,
But I got bit. “Honk honk honk,” it honked.
“Mom help,” I cried. “There’s a goose in our yard!”
And she scared it away. She said, “Shoo goose! Shoo goose!”
That was the goofiest goose ever.



Stargirl's picture
Submitted by Stargirl on Tue, 2011-09-13 09:27.

Funny! That must have been so silly to have a goose running around in your yard. Your mom must have been brave to shoo away a goose. I could never do that.Tongue out

That goose!

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Submitted by MrHodgson on Thu, 2011-09-22 19:34.

I love the last line of your story. (You had some alliteration along with the other figurative language!). Thanks for sharing your very funny story. I could "see" the goose running around.
Mr. Hodgson
Southampton, MA