Will "EBooks" ever replace traditional books?

Dec 3, 2014
by: 18keegane

In this new developing world, technology is becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives. Including, now in schools. schools all over the US are adopting e-books in an effort to make learning easier for students. This, in many ways is good because there can be easy of access of materials but it does have its drawbacks. Many people do not enjoy e-books because it can be confusing and there is not much flexibility with highlighting and folding papers. It also does not provide the real experience with reading book and studying. Overall, although ebooks provide an ease of access with books they do not provide what everyone needs but will possibly replace regular books.

Ebooks have major disadvantages for those who are sight and hearing impaired. If someone is sight impaired, they are not able to read the text on the page. The fact that the page is made of LED technology accentuates this. If they are hearing impaired they may not be able to work the device as well as if they could and this can limit what they can do with their schoolwork. If they are both, the only way they can read is through braille, and that obviously can not be instilled in technological books. Even with regular kids, reading on a book can be difficult to see and work and reading a regular book would be much more convenient despite the weight.
Although they are difficult to read, they do provide ease for the access of material. Everything on these devices can be customized to the child. it would be easy to get grade level material for each child while still fitting their personal needs. It would also be easier to track level changes, reading rates, and amount of time spent reading. This could make life a lot easier for everyone in school. This will also aid in the transition to common core curriculum. It could make these things easier to understand and could make learning fun since smaller children are drawn to cool, fun, new technology.
It is looking good for these books to take over textbooks in some places in the near future. Companies are now tracking schools that have chosen to apply this technology in their daily learning. If it does start being used in a small part, this could spread to the rest of the country and become more prominent. But, technology does have its flaws. It can malfunction very easily and will require a lot more maintenance than regular books. Software will have to be installed into each thing and will possibly need to be changed to meet the standards for new technology. This is unlike regular textbooks that can be kept practically forever as long as the information is relevant.
In conclusion, it seems as though ebooks are becoming more prominent in daily student lives, despite the possible consequences. Technology is glorified so the more they can use, the better. In my experience, I think regular books are easy, timeless, and adaptable. I also find it hard to focus and read on one, which is most likely the case for a lot of students. Society, money, and ease overrule opinion so therefore, this is why technology is important.

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