Will I revolutionize the way we think about health?

Dec 3, 2009
by: jsmith
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Will I revolutionize the way we think about health?

Well there are so many factors related to health and nutrition, i don't know where to start. There are so many flaws within our health system, not just economically but within humans also. I would definitely like to see a change in my time within the health system and I assure you that I will help expedite that process. I already do study the human body and everything else related to it. It is sort of a habit and a passion. There is a lack of motivation among American teens these days and they try to find solace and energy in the wrong places. I would love to have somebody I could share all my thoughts on the human body but in this day and age, there are not many people who are interested or as interested as I am about the body.There are A lot of people out there who I can express my thoughts to,I know that but are they thinking secular or just within the domesticity of their minds? People love to ruminate on what's there and what exactly is in front of them...we do not have many mundane idiosyncratic thinkers...people who think outside of the box. There has to be something we are missing or something that is right under our noses that we are not seeing. This is why we die untimely because we do not know where to look and when to look. Our ability to zoom in on minuscule detail is diminishing.We live in a sad world where people have lost hope and most moral and ethical values have gone out the window. I bet that most doctors do not even really remember parts from the Hippocratic oath. Due to the economy plundering and the lack of intervention within peoples lives and the feckless knaves of our society, we have become incorrigible with sadness. We are depending on everybody else to do something about all the madness and put an end to all the human on human wars that we have ridden us with but the reality is the only people that can put a stop to all of that is us. Besides animals and plants, we are the only true living things on this earth. I am going to college and I will definitely make something of myself because I already study so by the time I get to college, i will be able to discuss anything medically related in a professional way...nobody likes 101 classes. Nobody likes to be on the bottom unless you want to work your way up, i feel that when it comes to something like this...I do not have a choice. Its all I think about and my family pushes and pushes,therefore I can't turn back. I am moving through these screens of life and as I move into one, the former disappears. To be more specific on what I want to change, I hear A lot of talk about specific diseases and I really would like to do something about them.

Specific changes pave the way for a general change.

One big problem that we as humans endure is that for some reason, it is easier to develop physical body health with exercise and such but it is hard to maintain internal body health. The daily in's and out's and by in's and out's I mean the things that pass through our nasal cavities via external environments make it relatively harder for us. It is almost frivolous because what we should be taking care of the most is the part of our body we think the least about. We would be no where without the immune system, I'm sure everyone knows that  AIDS or acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome lives and breeds off of that stuff..literally! It's simple really; what it does when it gets into your body, it searches for white blood cells which are like the seeds of your immune system. These fight off infection, there are all different kinds of white blood cells within the body. The ones that HIV attacks are T cells, T cells basically alert your body that there is something wrong. It also attacks CD4 cells which stand for cell differentiation. These cells if you did not guess already help produce all the other type of white blood cells so without that,your toast....with no jam. The AIDS virus in a nutshell, destroys your immune system. The actual way it does this is a bit more intricate but I will omit that. To get to the point of this paragraph, a change I would like to see is the growth of peoples immune systems overall. To be more specific, I would like to alter the human white blood cell...whether it be increasing space within the vacuoles or making the mitochondria work harder, something has to be done. I know for a fact that I cannot alter the cell within the body so there has to be an all new cell made. If it is possible and then we can inject that into a John or Jane doe with AIDS or any kind of other immune-destroying malady. I know I talked a bit about the immune system diminishing with everything that we inhale but what about the things that enhance it that we put into our bodies? Can't we make those more robust? Orange juice for example. It has loads of vitamin C amongst other equally important supplements, is there a way that we can increase the amount of vitamins or the percentage in orange juice? This is one of the many things that I would like to figure out. What can I do from now to help..hmmm

I can do something...we can do something....

Well when I get to college, I plan to study a lot more obviously and be up there with the highly intelligent kids who want to major in biology or in microbiology. I will then make sure that i get my point across so I can expend my knowledge on what is going on around me health wise and in the future I can make better decisions regarding my life and the life of another. In college I would like to just try my luck with a few experiments, see how that works...I already have the motivation...I just need the smarts. Since I already know a lot about nutrition and the body, it seems as though I can start conducting my own experiments as of now. Anyways, I would like to meet open minded people who wanna dig as deep as me to find the answers to A lot of today's health issues. I know how to think and I know how to think well so that alone will be enough for me to get what i need to get done.