Will Pen Spinning Help My Archery/Tennis

Dec 14, 2009
by: Jmo

Ever since 10th grade iv been penning spinning for fun just because it helped me pass time during school and at the start 12th grade i finally decided to start learning professional tricks to help my routine feel more smooth so after i finally left the 5 basic tricks iv known for 2 years i was learning at a amazing rate, slowly building up my routine to a higher level. As i learn more pen spinning tricks i noticed during my tennis game iv been more accurate with hitting my sweet spot during the match and my hand reacts much faster when i am doing volleys which is great for me because i love to run up to the net and attack so having a fast hand is a great asset, however when i was in the Usta Training Camp i was doing great in general due to playing tennis for 7 weeks straight for 7 hours each day but my hand to eye reaction for volley wasnt nearly as good as i was now * i cant say the same for my forehand which has slowly dwindled in accuracy due to lack of play*, but my backhand for tennis has increased in accuracy and power ever since i started professional pen spinning.

This picture was taken by me


when i first took this picture and looked at it i immediately thought it takes a lot of hand to eye reaction to control a pen that fast and well to the point you make it look fancy and beautiful also when im spinning at home or school i feel very relaxed and comfortable due to my attention being on the pen and the trail the pen leaves behind is very fun to watch so its a great distraction if i have to do something i don't like.


"WORK ON YOUR MANUAL DEXTERITY Researchers in the UK found that children improved their handwriting by playing games that increased their hand-eye coordination. Practice tying knots, shuffling cards, pen spinning or anything else that strengthens fine motor control. Even video games can help - according to a US study, surgeons who play video games are less prone to make errors. If it can help them with something that delicate, it certainly can improve your handwriting.




So technically me practicing pen spinning will help me in college but a thing that stood out to me in the paragraph was that hand to eye reaction games can greatly improve your skill in all the things listed in the paragraph which is great because i play a game called DJ Max which is like DDR for your fingers but much harder so now that i know playing these games can help im going to play a lot more

""Pen spinning is a form of object manipulation that involves the deft manipulation of a writing instrument with one's hands. Although it is often considered a form of self-entertainment, multinational competitions and meetings are sometimes held. This pastime originated in East Asia and is referred to as 'pen mawashi' in Japan."
more from www.wonderhowto.com

When i read this i wasn't surprised on how pen spinning was used for entertainment because very often during class i spin to pass time and keep my attention away from the boredom. i find that pen spinning helps me not only mentally but physically too because of the amount of stress your hands take form constant spinning and the mental fatigue you face when your eyes have to constantly follow the pen while your spinning.