Apr 14, 2009
by: dryanmas

This spring break I had four wisdom teeth removed, which begs the questions of what exactly did they do to me and what exactly to I have to watch out for.

Upon researching the subject I learned that these teeth were coming in in a way that would potentially pinch nerves causing pain and realign my other teeth crooked. I also had one that had partially errupted from my gum which could cause infection around the opening.

I was completely out for the surgery, but apparently what they did was cut open my gums and remove the teeth. One of them was impacted into my jaw bone so they actually had to remove part of bone along with the tooth.

So far I've been healing quite well. Sure I had a day of drooling blood semi-incoherently, but I don't look terribly chipmunk-esque and it doesn't hurt anymore. I'm almost past the point of having to worry about dry sockets, which is when the blood clots on the wounds and pulled out causing blood and pain and all sorts of no goodness. This is mostly causing by smoking to soon, using a straw, spitting, etc. As difficult as it was the cold turkey off the straws for a few days, I've some how managed and seem to be alive and well.