From Wishing Death to Living with the Hunt

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20ahmedr
Unit 2 Project Storyboard

Most people have heard of the "Percy Jackson and The Olympians" series, and maybe even the "Heroes of Olympus" series. Well, if so, then you've obviously heard of Percy Jackson, who found out that Annabeth Chase, the love of his life, was a traitor. Soon after this being found out, she was killed by the gods, and Percy wandered through Olympus. He then meets Artemis, and tells her about his dilemma. After doing so, she teleports him to Camp Half Blood and leaves. Soon after, Percy meets with Zeus to get himself a purpose. Unfortunately, he doesn't have one for Percy at the moment, who asks that it happens soon. After Zeus asks why, Percy reveals that he may commit suicide if it doesn't happen soon. Zeus then has a talk with Poseidon, who end up deciding that Percy will become the Guardian of The Hunt. After introducing this idea to him, Artemis appears in the Throne Room, where Zeus and Percy are discussing the matter. Soon after, Zeus leaves, and Artemis and Percy leave for the Hunters Camp. We finally come to the night, where Percy is at the Hunter's Camp. After Artemis comes along, they have a talk about his day, and he thanks Artemis. Finally, the animation ends with Artemis saying, "You're welcome Percy, you're welcome."
Act 1 Scene 1
Setting- Hallway leading to Olympus
[Percy Jackson walks from bottom center stage, bows]
Percy: Lady Artemis.
Artemis: Perseus. I see that you have a problem.
Percy: Yes, I do. The love of my life is now gone, and I want to die. Why not die by the hands of the Man-Hating goddess?
Artemis: Is this about Annabeth, Perseus? If so, please elaborate.
Percy: Yeah, sure. Annabeth was a traitor, and I can’t believe that I fell in love with her…
[Percy looks down]
Artemis: I cannot believe this! Why would she do such a thing?
[Percy looks up and sniffles]
Percy: I… I have no idea, Lady Artemis.
Artemis: Let’s go back to camp, shall we?
Percy: Sure. Lets go.
Act 1 Scene 2
Setting- Camp Half-Blood
[Artemis and Percy Jackson appear]
Percy: Thank you Lady Artemis.
Artemis. Don’t mention it. If you need to talk to someone, I shall be there. Just twist this ring and I shall appear if I am not busy.
Percy: Thank you again, Lady Artemis.
Artemis: I shall be going now. Goodbye Perseus.
Percy: Goodbye Lady Artemis.
Act 2 Scene 1
Setting- Olympus, Council Room
[Percy bows to Zeus]
Percy: Lord Zeus.
Zeus: Rise Perseus. Why have you come here?
Percy: I need a purpose, a reason to live. For days I have been wandering around camp, not doing anything.
Zeus: This is a serious problem Perseus. Very well Perseus. I shall try to find a purpose for you. Anything else?
Percy: Yes. I wish that this be done as soon as possible.
Zeus: Why?
Percy: Because if not, then I shall contemplate committing suicide.
Act 2 Scene 2
Setting, Atlantic, Poseidon’s Palace
Poseidon: WHAT?!
Zeus: Yes brother. He will try to commit suicide if not given a purpose soon in life.
Poseidon: Then by all means, FIND HIM A PURPOSE ZEUS!
Poseidon: That’s it!
Zeus: What is?
Poseidon: We can make Percy into the Guardian of the Hunt!
Zeus: Very well. We shall confront this matter on Olympus.
Act 3 Scene 1
Setting- Olympus, Council Room
[Percy walks in]
Percy: Lord Zeus.
Zeus: Perseus! I have found a purpose for you.
Percy: Which is what, Lord Zeus?
Zeus: You shall become the Guardian of the Hunt!
[Artemis flashes in]
Percy: Oh gods. How am I sure that they will not harm me?
Artemis: I will make sure of that Perseus. You will not be harmed, only forced into chores. It is only fair, after all.
Percy: It is, my lady. Will that be all, Lord Zeus?
Zeus: Yes, that will be all. Oh, and Artemis shall teleport you to the Hunter’s camp. Goodbye.
Artemis: Goodbye.
[Zeus disappears]
Percy: Shall we leave, Lady Artemis?
Artemis: Let’s go.
Act 3 Scene 2
Setting, Night, Hunter’s Camp
Percy: Today wasn't so bad. Not as I thought it to be.
Artemis: You have me to thank for that.
Percy: I am sorry! I didn't notice you there, my lady.
Artemis: It is fine Perseus.
Percy: Please call me Percy, milady.
Artemis: Very well Percy. Are you happy?
Percy: I’d never thought I’d be saying this, but yes, Lady Artemis, I am happy. And its all thanks to you.
[Percy moves and hugs Artemis]
Artemis: You're welcome Percy, you're welcome.
Session 1: Wed 3/11 10:15 am steps 1-4
I completed steps 1-4 well. From there on, I had proceeded to remove the white surrounding from the characters, but it turned out to be quite difficult. I needed a perfect perimeter around the characters, otherwise parts of them would be cut off. Other than that, that is all.
Session 2: Sat 3/14 3:30 pm Rest of Project
I completed the rest of the project today. After step 4, I removed the white surrounding from the characters and proceeded to animate them. It took me a while to get all of talk in, but I managed to do it within 2 hours. Then I moved on to add the transitions, the different backgrounds and costumes. Finally, after adding all those in, I continued to put them into the animation based on the script. That took up another good hour altogether. After that, I began to fix a few things that I thought may cause an error. Finally I played the animation, and it played smoothly.