Witch hunts still happen?

Mar 18, 2016
by: tsaeteurn

Witch hunts are infamous throughout in history. A barrage of witch hunts happened around the time of the colonization of the “New World.” Most notably, the Salem Witch Trials which showed how much people were influenced. Surprisingly witch hunts still happen today. Now the modern-day witch hunts are not like what happened in the Salem Witch Trials. There is no mass lynching going on. But the effort to accuse and discover people due to powers whether it’s supernaturally or economically is still relevant.

Modern-day witch hunts are common in Africa, Latin America, Europe and even here in the U.S. In an article by Wendy Feliz, it talks about the conspiracy in Utah that happened around the year of 2010. In a push for deportation of immigrants a group of vigilantes called “The Concerned Citizens of The United States” compiled a list of 1,000 plus alleged unauthorized immigrants and deemed them “undesirable.” “The list contains the names, social security numbers and other private information of hundreds of people (Feliz).” This means that the group created some sort of a “hit list” for people to deport the alleged immigrants. This is a form of a witch hunt. Now the list has been sent to many government agencies and no responses have been given. Now from the political standpoint, if the government follows the list it would be reckless to follow from an anonymous source and there is evidence that Utah is moving away from that view and improving to better the laws on immigration.

There is a another article by Blaszczak-Boxe where in Papua New Guinea, specifically men being are killed because of witchcraft. In Papua New Guinea, many men have become educated and successful. Due to the cost of higher education some men drop out. They are known as “The Boys” and are looked down upon in the community. Blaszczak-Boxe wrote, “ ...the Boys used marijuana and drank tea made from a plant called the angel's trumpet. The drink "is a very powerful hallucinogen, that often produces violent fantasies and reactions,"(Blaszczak-Boxe).” This is significant because this shows that people were being wrongfully accused and innocently killed.

You are prone to be influenced whether it’s good or bad, that’s how humans react. And it definitely shows. It is a psychological thing and in Papua New Guinea case it is the mass hysteria that made this witch hunt in their community. Mass hysteria was also a contributing factor in the Salem Witch Trials. But who knows maybe some of them were witches.

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