Without Women

Jan 6, 2016
by: tsaeteurn

Women gave birth to us. Without them we wouldn’t be here today. To think of it there aren't as many women throughout history that we tribute to men. Furthermore we think everything is for men. Like superheroes or the word “mankind.” Why isn’t that women aren’t as credible as men? Well I asked some of my classmates there opinion?

Aliyah Path is a classmate of mines. Her view of women's equality is that it’s unfair. The paying wage difference between men and women is unreasonable.Women are not equal to men. “We go through harder things and have more challenges than men yet the reward for succeeding is nothing compared to men.” What she means is that women are more likely to go through hardships like violence, diseases and trauma than men. Women get treated wrong and looked down upon in society.

Jaime Gonzalez is an energetic classmate of minds. His view of women’s equality in today's world is that it’s good. “There isn’t a huge difference in rights between women and men now.” he said. There still are huge inequalities between men and women. But Women accomplished a lot with with their resistance. Women are able to vote, get jobs and now are able to serve and protect our country. Jaime goes on and says that men are the dominant species how ever we give as much rights to women as do ourselves. Jaime does make a good point because there is no doubt that men have more privileges than women.

My friend Sunny’s perspective on this topic is that they should have all the same rights as men. “Their rights should be viewed the same as men and not viewed just because they are women. Some people feel that women aren’t as strong or as smart as men so they don’t give them as much respect. Give women a chance to prove that they can do the same as men.” Sunny expressed very deeply about this topic. It’s because his family is muslim and the recent lessons in class talk about how bad women get treated through the extremists. And it makes him feel bad because his family is nowhere like that.

This goes back when humans were only in Africa. Men believed that they are superior to women and it is simply not like that. It’s sexism that influences us. Terms like “You throw like a girl.” are meaningless and proven wrong. We can’t live without each other and it’s as simple as that.


¨Her view of women's equality

Submitted by gsaturno on Fri, 2016-01-08 14:15.

¨Her view of women's equality is that it’s unfair" I agree with this quote because it is unfair that women are not having equal pay. Everyone should have an equal pay no matter what the gender or race because people work really hard to help their family and it is unfair that some are not being paid as much

I agree with you, Ton. It's

Submitted by Kelsey on Fri, 2016-01-08 15:59.

I agree with you, Ton. It's unfortunate that many women are mistreated simply because they are women. You're right to say that without women, no one would be here today. There are many differences between men and women, biologically speaking. However, this doesn't mean that one should be treated less than another. Both genders have their strengths and weaknesses and without either, society would not be able to function. I like how you got opinions from your class and showed the different viewpoints that people have on the issue today. This was very well done!

Womans Work

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Submitted by swilliams on Fri, 2016-01-08 16:17.

I agree on your blog Ton. Women are the ones who created and bring you to earth. Without us it wouldnt be a today. Women are sometimes being mistreated by men. From having to do all the house work and taken care of the children in thier lives. Women do get unfair pay in my perspective. I learned that men is the one's who brings home all the money and supplies. I believe that women can do anything a men can do but even better. Some people think women arent as strong as men but its lead to respect. I enjoyed this piece of writing.

what you saying is

Submitted by cniegos on Sat, 2016-01-09 01:25.

what you saying is understandable and clear. Women are being treated unfairly, they were viewed as if they can't do things like men does. It's just unfortunate why people still think that way. Your work is powerful and I really like it. God job!

I also think that women are

Submitted by lmiller on Tue, 2016-01-12 20:52.

I also think that women are not treated the same as men. Women get a lower pay in jobs and are expected to not be able to do certain things.

Coming from a female, I

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Coming from a female, I really respect this off tops! It's nice hearing/reading something like this especially coming from a male. Us women do a whole lot, we have to keep ourselves up, make sure everything in the house is clean, there's food on the table, ect. Most men believe women don't go through the same things as men. What ever a men can do and women can do better!