Women in Workplace

Jan 3, 2016
by: cniegos

Recent article of The Wall Street Journal - What’s Holding Women Back in the Workplace? by Nikki Waller and Joann S. Lublin talks about what really occurs towards women at their workplace. In the article, many women that work at companies are less likely have fewer opportunities than men. Most women careers are being left out so they could spend more time caring for family which they need to be at home. According to the article, some 86% of men said that women have as many or more opportunities than men do.

Far fewer women—57%—agreed. Even though men and women got similar demands, women still take on chores and childcare for the family. In the survey, women are 15% less likely than men to be promoted to the next level—and at the current pace, it will be more than a century before there is gender equality in the C-suite. And also, study found women are less likely than men to leave their companies, particularly once they reach the senior and executive levels.

I decided to focus more about the positions of women at workplace in business than women’s pay at work. It is correlated to the subject and I find it interesting to study. After reading the whole article, I come to think about it why most men are more higher levels in position than women in business. Women and men have comparable opportunities but women are still competing with an uneven playing field. It hard for women to rise up or promoted to a higher rank due inequalities and treatment for women. I’m not surprised with the article, no doubt that men are more ahead in some ways in a leadership and workplace (business, corporations, et.) -don't get me wrong many women are smart and talented.

Women are viewed as “second choice” when it comes at workplaces sometimes. In my family, most of my grandpa’s and uncles liked my cousins and relatives that are boys/mens because they bring pride to the family. Men are defined as strong, courageous and a leader. Women need to prove that they’re strong and capable just like men do. I am a woman and I know what it felt to be doubted because I am women. But I’m still proud of myself and for all the women around the world.


I had no idea there was a

Submitted by kruss on Tue, 2016-01-19 07:11.

I had no idea there was a less likely statistic of not being promoted. I mean i probably could have guessed that when I think about it long enough. Man this women wage gap is really putting a stress on my future. Time for us to do something about it.

I agree that women are viewed

Submitted by lmiller on Thu, 2016-03-03 21:36.

I agree that women are viewed as "second choice" in a work place. Most jobs look for men because they are seen as stronger and able to do things that women shouldn't do or in a mans eyes, can not do. I believe that women can do just as much as men and should get more credit for it.