Women's rights in the 20's

Oct 14, 2010
by: fahmed

The growth of cities and industry created problems and during the progressive era many reforms were made in the United States. The country needed change in everything from its economy, society and politics. Reforms such as referendum, recall, secret ballot and various others were made. Two significant reforms were the 18th and 19th amendments which were ratified in 1919 and 1920 respectively.

Women were being abused by alcoholic husbands, drinking problems also led to increased unemployment. Employees were weakened by intoxication and did not perform well as expected by their business leaders. The 18th amendment was passed to prohibit alcohol from being manufactured or sold in the United States. This was an attempt to reduce the poverty caused by alcoholism. The amendment was also passed to lessen the violence against women and children. 

Just as alcohol was an issue inequality was also a huge problem in society especially towards women. Only a few women were educated and could receive decent jobs as teachers or store clerks.Unfortunately most of them were illiterate and had to work in factories or in tenements. They fought to have a say in government, it was to gain rights. The 19th amendment gave women full voting rights. This amendment tried to make women equal to men in the political scene.Voting right gave many opportunities to women that would have never had. 

The Prohibition act was a complete failure although alcohol was banned at the time nowadays it is very easy to find and buy. The age limit is twenty-one years old but that does not help either, teenagers are drinking and endangering themselves. Drunk driving has cost hundreds of lives. Drinking is also closely related to liver problems and different types of cancer. On the other hand the 19th amendment turned out to be pretty successful. In today's politics there are many women officials such as speaker of the house Ms. Pelosi. The 19th amendment gave women the chance developed individually and be treated equally.

There were many other reforms that have changed America since. At the turn of the century when a transformation was needed most the U.S government stepped up to the plate. Respected people such as Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt turned their coats in for capes to become heroes of their time. Hopefully women can continue to be treated as equals and maybe alcohol will have more restrictions in the future. This country is still pushing for reform and just like before the government will prove to citizens that it can amend all the problems they are facing. 



I can relate!

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Submitted by qwins on Mon, 2011-11-28 19:57.

Dear Farisa,

I find it to funny that you are talking about this topic because in my global class we are currently discussing this topic and being a young women my self i can relate to the doublestandards in society because it still takes place. I dont think i would have survived in this time because i am a very opionated person and i would have wanted equal rights just like the men. Women do alot in the world nomatter if its being a stay at home mom or a police officer this is America and we all have "equal rights"but this gos for the whole world .