The world can be changed

Sep 12, 2012
by: krystalm

What makes Me interested in this topic is that at any time place or moment the world can be changed maybe in a good way, or maybe in a bad way. According to the Illuminati this “New World Order” s at its peak and many including myself believe that this is true and there’s something about the whole “truth” that isn’t being told to the people (us.) How did I hear about the Illuminati, to be honest i always paid no mind to it but as a result engaging myself in a conversation that was happening in my household, I’ve come to learn much more about the Illuminati, One thing i tell most people it’s all what you believe in and what you allow the people to feed you through television, newspapers, internet, etc. I think others know much more about it and some know much less than they should. I think all that is thrown at us to follow and believe is not all a fake, but most. There are sign’s, hints and other ways to figuring out the “truth” about Illuminati but who’s to know the exact but the one involving themselves in it.

What I’ve already knew about this topic was that it’s main source of control is “money” (capital) I know for a fact without the top dollar you get nowhere you would love to be. I know that most of the media is just a brain wash of not letting out the real truth based on what exactly the world needs to know. Meaning everything possible that they tell us isn’t, making believe that most of what we can do, telling us we can’t.
The information from my first source provided the founder of the illuminati by the name of Adam Weishaupt and the day and year he founded it, May 1, 1776. That goes by the name Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-erasecret society .The most valuable secret of the Illuminati was their own moral system of authority, which was already practiced inside the order, but was now supposed to be applied on the outside world. The order stayed in a dialectic entanglement with its opponents. They subjected their members to an utterly totalitarian monitoring and psychological techniques in order to ultimately free mankind of the despotism of princes and kings. This answers my question by giving the direct information based on the peration of the illuminati and what is came to be as a result over the time since it’s been founded and what it’s constant order has come to today.
The second source I had looked into provided The information based on the Barack Obama Connection to Illuminati which states “During the 2008 election there were countless allegations made against Barack Obama’s character. He was accused of being a Muslim, a Marxist, and the Antichrist himself.” While most of the accusations against him are proved to be completely unfounded when they are placed under scrutiny, the Obama Illuminati connections only get deeper the more you examine them, Many of the Obama Illuminati connections have to do with the powerful, elitist organizations which so many of his cabinet belong to.The Bilderberg group in particular arouses suppositions as they meet secretly each year in order to plot out their plans for world domination. These meetings are by invitation only with each attendee being handpicked by the Bilderbergers organizing committee.This all gives me more of a straight answer as to what and who is the involvement of illuminati.

I’ve learned so much I had no idea about, This makes me think now of is this going to take control over everyone or has it already ?. Also Do many people except not knowing the truth ?, can we has a people do something about this, if we try ?, or is this too powerful to end now ? The government has documents never to be shown, to continuously be hidden and for what’s real not to be told.