Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.

Jul 21, 2014

Something that I have been interested in learning more about has been “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” I know that many people feel that “If you have a good education in school that good education will take you somewhere.” From what I have heard, I know that school help people have a better job and a better life. For example, I heard that “people in the street trying to work hard but it don't take them nowhere because when they had that chance that they could become something.” Now that's just what I've heard, it may or may not be true.

One thing that I know for sure about “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” I know plenty about teens and jobs and It make think that it the students fall that they don't want to go to school, because they using drug or gangs. “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” Well I want students to be in school and have a better life and help their parents. Well some people say that drug stop them from going to school and having a bad education. Like my father say “personas que viven en la calle no van a ninguna parte.

Being that I didn't have a lot of background information on “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” I chose to do some research on the topic. As I searched for blogs and news articles on Google, I came across this one article: Convention Discussion: On Education & Jobs for Youth.

This article provided a lot of information and opinions on “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” Some people felt that “Would people have good jobs and become hard worker.” were “#1 Education For young people in the African-American community, living to age 18 is a major accomplishment and milestone.Because so many young people don't make it to that age, it hangs over their own heads and the collective heads of their families, and communities.Several generations have lived a perilous existence with this form of genocide.”

This statement didn't really surprise me all that much, but it did make me feel proud. All of this makes me think that Well you see me I like to go to school every day and I like to help other people like my friends that need with something. Well everyone know that I like going to school they will see me every morning going to school. Well like my mom say first come school after you finish with school and you have a good job you could have a girlfriend that will really love not like those kind of girl that just want money.

Everyone in school tell me that I’m a good student but the problem is that I give them sometime a hard time. Well people know that I was born in mexico and I had a hard time coming to New York. Like my teacher say “if you have a good education in school that good education will take you somewhere that will make your life even better.”


I really like this piece you

Submitted by kenyaclark on Tue, 2015-12-15 19:13.

I really like this piece you put together. It definitely gives a new perspective to many students across the globe. Many teens tend to take education for granted, when education isn't always something easy to come by… even though it should be. I mean education should be a right to all children and teens, for as you said, education will help pave the way to a better, more enriching life. It's also so true that many students have other pressures, besides school, that haunt them in their day-to-day lives. Things most kids don't have to worry about, like helping pay bills and such. However, those kids that do have those extra responsibilities need to remember that they will help them form into a strong, independent person. Even if kids do have to work, though, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to have access to a decent education as well. Nicely done, Jose. Keep up the good work! Something that might also interest you is on this website: http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/16/world/iyw-purnima-from-nepal/