Would You Eat Insects

May 20, 2015
by: 18chub

Brandon Chu
Our KQED paper we read about an article where they discuss whether or not you would eat insects. In the article they discussed different factors for eating insects. Including motivations to and good things about insects. Insects are a good source of protein and the article addresses how Earth as a planet is running out of space and resources to support the tradition mean of protein of meats. Insects are interesting in the benefits they have when we eat them however we choose still not to eat them.

Most people don't consider the benefits of eating insects and only consider that they are “bugs” which freak a lot of people out. The feeling of something small crawling on your skin freaks a lot of people out. This common feeling happens a lot with the presence of bugs or insects. People just think of what are the bad or scary things that have happened with insects rather than what could be the benefits of eating insects. Although people think that insects might taste bad, from other people’s past experiences, people say that eating bugs or insects is not even bad. Some people may even say it tastes like chips.

One reason people don’t want to try insects is because they fear it may taste bad. As I’ve said before people have said it tastes like chips and some even thoroughly enjoy it. Most insects are served fried which is common in food today. Especially the American culture, everyone loves when things are fried. A common insect is the cricket which is most commonly served as deep fried cricket. This is why some people call the texture of insects like chips. if you don't really think that the food you're eating could be crawling up your skin, it could actually be pretty enjoyable and you might incorporate it into your diet.

The reason eating insects has came about is because Earth has a growing population. Earth is only so big and has only so many resources to sustain so much life. This includes what we use commonly today for protein. As the human population grows, the need for proteins increases but there will not be enough resources to support all the animals. As we run low on the sources of animals, we have a high supply of insects. Insects produce protein and other nutrients that are good for the body. IF we can adapt using insects as our source of protein, we can cut down the amount of meat supply we need which will help our Earth.

If the opportunity presented itself, I may consider eating insects. Reading about all these health benefits is starting to swing my mind on the idea of insects. Most people I know do not love insects and most people would like to be as far away as possible from insects. Taste doesn't sound like an issue either because people have no problem with the taste. As the famous saying goes, try it and you may like it.