Apr 5, 2009
by: marquel15

    After the failure of the first attempt of establishing a professional women's soccer league in the United States (the WUSA) they are trying again with the first ever season of the WPS (Women's Professional Soccer).  I think this time is going to work because I think America is ready this time.  Soccer has been on the rise, especially for young girls.  The league will bring insperation as I sit here watching the Boston Breakers and FC Gold Pride line up to play and I hear names such as Milbret, Chastain, and Lilly in the line ups.  The league has attracted all the current American stars such as Abby Wambach, Heather Mitts, Amy Rodriguiz, and many others while also attracting international players such as 3 times Fifa player of the year: Marta from Brazil.
    "The teams for the 2009 season are the Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, FC Gold Pride (Bay Area), Los Angeles Sol, Sky Blue FC (NJ / NY), Saint Louis Athletica and Washington Freedom.  WPS expects to expand to Atlanta and Philadelphia in 2010 and continues to explore additional potential franchises for 2010 and beyond."  The biggest obstacle to expansion seems to be facilities, but the MLS has been happy to loan stadiums as they are also excited about this league and what it means for soccer in the United States
   Another factor mention by the commentators is that this is going to help the women's national team because without international play they lack other game experiences.  This will only add to an already dominant U.S. squad.  It also is hopeful for many college soccer players who wish to continue their career as their is a draft and those who have already been drafting are seeing time.
    I think its important that women have the option to continue their sport on a professional level and I think the success of the U.S. national team will really help the WPS not only stay alive, but be successful


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TV Commentator of FC Gold Pride vs. Boston Breakers on Fox Soccer Channel on Sunday: April 05, 2009