Xenophobia in America: The Dystopian ISIS

Jan 14, 2016
A gunman waves an Islamic State flag in Raqqa, Syria. Photograph: Reuters

Since the the year 1999, ISIS has been gaining popularity and posing a grave threat to not only the safety of the United States, but to all surrounding nations. This radical jihadist group gained major popularity when they obtained and beheaded hostages in late 2014, and these acts relate much to the complete dominion Big Brother accomplishes in the popular novel by George Orwell, 1984. As Big Brother is constantly changing laws and has complete reign over its citizens, " ISIS controls hundreds of square miles where state authority has evaporated. It ignores international borders and has a presence all the way from Syria’s Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad,” as said by CNN. ISIS is a serious issue that even Al Qaeda renounces any affiliation with it.

Due to the new societal changes and trends in relation to ISIS, American citizens have developed a brand new wave of xenophobia that hasn’t been seen since Hitler’s dictatorship. They are fueled by more than just hatred for people unlike them. ISIS is seeking revenge. As said by The Guardian, “ ISIS is the product of a genocide that continued unabated as the world stood back and watched. It is the illegitimate child born of pure hate and pure fear – the result of 200,000 murdered Syrians and of millions more displaced and divorced from their hopes and dreams. Isis's rise is also a reminder of how Bashar Al-Assad's Machiavellian embrace of Al-Qaeda would come back to haunt him.” ISIS has the same ideas in mind as Hitler had, with a bit different approach.

ISIS, also has a completely organized and ‘rational’ command system. As stated by The Guardian, “ ISIS has repeatedly demonstrated that it is much more than a transnational terrorist organisation – rather, it is an entity with sophisticated command, control, propaganda and logistical capabilities, and one that has proven its ability to take and hold strategically critical territory at the heart of the Middle East.” The American public are terrified and have every right to be. This Jihadist terrorist group has a plan to control, and definitely don’t intend on being stopped any time soon.