Scarred for Life

Jan 14, 2015

It was a hot Dominican day, just like every day. But this day, I would get my scar.

“Yariel, come here quickly,” my father called me.

“What happened, Papi?” I answered.

“Look at this Marquee.” A green mountain bike sat in the garage. “That is yours.”

“Oh my god, thank you! My own bike!” I was very happy.

The same day, I began learning to ride a bike that big. It was hard because I was only six years old. Three days later…

I was riding my bike around my neighborhood with a friend named Edwin. He is like my brother from different mother. Since we were small, we always were together, inseparable. We are the same height, so far as you can tell, we are identical.

A hole in the sidewalk: that was what made me fall off the bicycle, if the hole that caused the accident were still there, many people would have had the same problem.

My friend ran to my yellow house with red trim. Most people in my hometown know the colorful collection of orchids and my mom was right inside the house.

It was hopeless, there was blood everywhere and my mother would be mad. I was crying and nervous.

Mom ran out. “I told you, Yariel, don’t go so fast! Look what happened!”

When my mom saw than my face was shower of blood she immediately hugged me and ran with me to the hospital. The blow was flowing so hard that I had sand and residue in the wound.

“Where are the doctors?” my mom asked.

“They are eating. You gotta wait,” the nurse said.

“I didn’t come to talk shit, I have no patience. The only thing I want is for my son to be attended to. He is losing a lot of blood!”

“Lady, is a public institution,” the nurse told her.

My mom said, “Give first aid that will take you to a clinic.”

The funniest moment was when my grandma saw the blood and she fainted. That happend to me because I did was pay attention to my mother when she told me,

“You gotta be more slower on that bike.”

And always I answer, “Mami that's nothing.”

"Stop saying 'You're great.' Don't call me and cry and say, 'You don't to pay attention.' "

"Mami you say that now, but when I drop you will go crazy.”

Yarielito watches everything, “I tell you, it is for your good. If you want take and advice and if you know What you doing."

“Mommy, you are always talking plepla,” I told her.

After that ordeal that I realized that the advice was worth gold. If I had followed the advice my mom gave me, I would not have had this indelible mark on my face. Every time I see this scar on my face, I remember my past and realize that today I'm literally scarred for life.