You ever had one fo those Annoying things that happen to you

Dec 7, 2008
by: Dtan

You ever had one of those anyyoying things that happen to you. Like have you ever ran and hit your toe in between the wall and it makes your toe split from the other toe. I hate those one has just happen to be but it made me bleed. I was comeing down the stairs and I ran into a wall which i dont know how I did that one but i just idd and i ripped of my skin from my pinky toe. I was going crazy because a lot of times it just so annoying. I just dislike how it has happen to me all the time when I waS RUNNING. ALL THE TIME MAN I JUST HATE IT. WHO AGREE WITH ME JUST LEAVE A SIMPLE COMMENT SAYING I AGREE PLEASE






Submitted by CFlores on Wed, 2008-12-10 20:33.

I agree with your comment because first of all it's funny and because it's true, sometimes it can happen to me. Like I always trip on the staircase in my house. Everytime I go up I just trip and fall's funny but everytime I run up the stairs I trip and sometimes I hurt myself. LOL it's funny because I am too hard headed to not run up the stairs anymore which just makes it even more stupid. Thankz alots for posting such an insignificant thing, which just makes it significant to everyone because alot of people can relate to this post. ^.^