Stop being so strict

Sep 11, 2015

Dear Ms.Watson, Ms.Jordan, and Mr. Carson,

My name Is Hector, and I am a senior In the Media Academy at Fremont High School. I want to let the administration know that some of the things you are changing about Fremont High are not right. I understand you only want to make this school better, but like I said some of the things you are changing about this school should be more thought out. For example, why can’t we use our phones at lunch and why did the Ice cream man and the food truck get sent away permanently. I mean it is okay that we are not allowed to use our phone during class time because it can be a distraction. However, at lunch that’s a whole different situation. Some people do not have friends here at Fremont, and some people like being alone and just on their phones at lunch. You have to look at It this way and maybe you will change your minds about thIs policy.
The fact that the administration does not let the Ice cream man and the food truck sell food to us is absolutely just wrong. I understand that it is illegal but the staff was not bothered about it for so many years, so why are you suddenly bothered? Some people actually gets lunch from them because the school lunch Is just so nasty. I never ate the lunch from here but I hear people talk about It all the the time and I have actually seen how it looks and it just look so gross. Jail food looks better. If you really care about what we want and want to give us the school we want, then this is the place you should start. If the food truck and Ice cream man have to get permission to be here than help them do it because I know a lot of schools that have these type of things on their campus and even better food than we have. How can we concentrate on a empty stomach?


Hello Hector, I am a high

Submitted by sarahhayes on Tue, 2015-09-22 20:05.

Hello Hector, I am a high school student in Michigan responding to this as an assignment for an English class. I understand your frustrations about the school lunches becoming substantially worse recently, because unfortunately the issue goes a lot farther than just the food truck missing from your school (that's pretty lucky for it to be coming the past few years though!). The reason your school isn't allowing the food truck to sell to students is likely because of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 fronted by the first lady herself. Fast food is far from the textbook definition of "healthy". By blatantly not following the HHFK Act, the school would be putting itself at risk for legal action, so I'm afraid to tell you that I'm pretty certain you wont be getting it back. However, you may be able to bargain for an open campus lunch, and the truck could park just a few blocks away. Of course I'm not sure of zoning and permits in your neck of the woods, but it's worth looking into! Food trucks are pretty amazing so it's worth a shot.

Also in your first paragraph especially as well as the second you may want to make a final draft more professional sounding but you have a good start :) Also you definitely should change your title, it's a little too abrasive, as much as I appreciate the straightforwardness. Best of luck with those food trucks! Low key the best things ever honestly.

Hello Hector, I am also a

Submitted by Justin2016 on Tue, 2015-09-22 21:11.

Hello Hector, I am also a student in Michigan and am responding to you for an assignment. I have to say that I am very jealous of your ice cream truck and food truck(that are unfortunately now missing), but in your letter it seems like you had respect for the teachers at the beginning; however, as the letter went on it seemed that respect went away. I know you may be mad or a little annoyed with the changes in your school, but you still need to keep in mind that these are your teachers you are talking to. Also school food isn't the greatest but throwing it under the bus and dejecting it to being under prison food may be a bit of a stretch. I would just simply say that the food truck was a great alternative to the school food for those who did not wish to eat the school food.

Hector I so agree with you!

Submitted by lboyd on Fri, 2016-01-08 16:18.

Hector I so agree with you! The new phone policy doesn't make sense. There are kids that don't like to socialize with other students, they just want to be to themselves or not good making friends. We are in high school and we are teens, of course we have phones and of course we are going to be on them 24/7.
Also, why would they take away something that hasn't been a burden to the school for many years. I do not eat the food at my school because it made me sick more than twice. What the OUSD sends to our school to eat at lunch is not real food. I'm a student at Oakland High and when I was a sophomore a lunch lady told me, "I'm going to be honest with you, but this meat right here isn't real meat. I don't know what it is, all I got to do is serve it to yall." So that had me thinking that OUSD doesn't care about the students at any Oakland schools. Mind you the lunch lady could of lost her job for telling me that, so why did she tell me that? Because she wanted me to be more careful what I put in my body.
OUSD do not know what they are doing.