Dec 10, 2015
by: tsaeteurn

This movement of the #youaintnomuslimbrev refers to the incident in Leytonstone Tube station where a twenty-nine year old man named Muhaydin Mire accused of stabbing a fifty-six year old musician leaving him in surgery for five hours. Many witnesses claimed Mire was shouting Arabic slurs and shouting “This is for Syria.”. Prosecutors say this attempted murder was an act of terrorism. Allegedly There were images relating to Islamic flags and Paris attacks found in Mire’s mobile phone.

This caused mass amounts of outrage throughout the world. Everyone knew that Mire was falsely claiming the religion dubbed the #youaintnomuslimbrev trend on Twitter. Many people on Twitter aree that Mire is not Muslim. The past incidents in London caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and in San Bernardino are giving us a bad concept of Muslims. People are quick to point the finger and blame it on the Muslims. And in our election, some candidates are saying to banned Muslims. This is totally wrong. It would be unconstitutional because we have the freedom of religion. And throughout history when a nation targets or sections out a specific group, there is no happy ending to it.

There are articles about Mire showing that he had mental disabilities before the attack. He was reportedly diagnosed with paranoia and spent three months in a hospital in 2007 but police found no relations of him having health issues nor radicalisation approximately three weeks prior to the incident. This show more proof that this incident was just to give muslims a bad name.

Social Media is so powerful. It was amazing to see so much support we have. People thousands of miles apart can connect with each other and have some type of movement. I’ve seen posts from famous, political and ordinary people around the who have just as much impact as any other person does in this movement.