Is Your Doctor Not Telling You the Truth?

Jan 30, 2012
by: PaigeFery

I have always wondered why so many of nurses and doctors can become so unhealthy. How can a doctor tell their patient to lose weight, when they themselves need to lose weight too? Many doctors are obese, leading to my question as to how this effects their work.

In a recent research done by Johns Hopkins University's medical school, researchers answer this exact question. Their findings were surprising. The most astonishing evidence? "93% of doctors diagnosed obesity in their patients only if they believed their own weight was equal to or less than that of their patient". Researchers also discovered that 30% of normal weight doctors discussed weight loss with their patients. These two facts really did surprise me. Not only did the findings about obese doctors surprise me, but so did the findings of normal weight doctors and their discussions about weight loss with patients. 30% is low percentage in my opinion, which helped me come to the conclusion that talking about losing weight is difficult even for doctors with normal weight.

Of course something needs to be done first and foremost about overweight doctors feeling uncomfortable talking to patients about losing weight. But normal weight doctors should also be included in this conversation.

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