Your Reality is Illogical (Scratch animation)

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20smitho
Your reality is Illogical

This is a story about two mad scientists who make a device that sends them to an alternate universe. The blue walrus, named Walrus Man, meets an alien who helps him settle an old grudge against his companion, but the plot doesn't end there. Watch the animation to discover who has the last laugh. Or read the script. Whatever you prefer. YES, I know this is a bit of a rip-off of our favorite science tv show...I mean, Walrus Man...*ahem* Mythbusters.


Scene 1
Setting: Mad scientist lab
[Enter Captain Alternate Reality and Walrus Man, left.]
Captain Alternate reality: Well, Let’s get inventing!
Screen says: 2 hours later
Machine that is a black rectangle in reality is on the screen.
Walrus Man: Grunt.
Captain Alternate Reality: I know right, it’s brilliant!
Walrus Man: Grunt Grunt, Grunt!
Captain Alternate Reality: Good Idea, let’s test it!
[Machine Shoots a ball out of a cannon like thing]
[Explosion engulfs the entire screen]

Scene 2
Setting: Weird Space sci-fi universe
Captain AR: Where are we?
Walrus Man: Grunt, Grunt!
Captain AR: You don’t mean…
[Walrus man is suddenly able to speak]
Walrus Man: Yes, indeed, I do. We are in an alternate universe!
[Enter Alien Man, right]
Alien guy: I will conquer your universe!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
Captain AR: AHHHH! [Runs Away]
Walrus Man: I do not mean to encourage you, but our universe is actually pretty pathetic.
Alien Guy: Really? Yes! This week’s universe is gonna be easy-peasy!
Walrus man and alien guy, simultaneously: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Alien Guy: Wait, you are going to help me conquer your universe?
Walrus Man: Yes, I am. You see, I have an old score to settle...You see, Captain AR stole my greatest invention, the human teleporter, and passed it off as his own. Now, I can go and find him and escape to our universe back through the same wormhole!

Scene 3:
Normal Street on earth
[Enter Walrus man and Captain AR, floating down]
Captain AR: Man, am I glad to get away from that horrible alien guy.
Walrus Man: Well, actually… I have joined his forces!!!
Captain AR: Noooooooo!!! You went to…
[Leave Walrus man, left]
Captain AR: Well, I pray they won’t be able to find our universe in the multiverse.
[Enter Walrus Man and Alien Guy, right]
Walrus Man: You will regret stealing those plans so long ago, Captain AR!
Captain AR: Oh, so that is what this is about. Well, if it means so much to you, you can have my greatest invention, the death reverser!
[Captain AR moves closer to walrus man, gives him a mysterious box]
Walrus man: Thanks!
[Alien Guy presses button on a device. Universe explodes.]
[Back in alien universe]
Walrus Man: Revenge is sweet!
[Opens box to reveal a bomb about to explode]
Walrus Man: Darn, Captain AR got the last laugh!

Developer's logs:

Session 1: School: 10:03-10:15
I planned to begin animating the first two lines of the scene, however, importing the sprites from scratch was more difficult than I thought it would be, so it took up more time. I will give myself more when I have to import other sprites.

Session 2: School: 9:26 - 10:17
I almost finished scene 1 today, but forgot to check the time. For some reason, when switching the backdrop from earth to explosion to space, everything started going wrong, and I did not have time to fix it. It was really frustrating, and I got very angry when I couldn’t get it to work. But scene 1 is almost finished.

Session 3: Home: 4:53 PM- 5:04 PM
I fixed the problem with scene 1.

Session 4: Home: 6:55 Pm- 8:20 Pm
I started working on scene 2. There was a problem with one of the sprites who was supposed to disappear for a while, but I fixed it by making sure he was visible at the beginning of the animation, and he was in the right place. I finished scenes 2 and 3 without incident.

I was not able to download the animation to the 'add media' so here is the link: