Youth Poverty

Oct 12, 2015
by: zshubella

In our story, we will be interviewing several people about what they are doing to try and stop youth poverty.  One of those people is Mandi Keller, who works at the VOA Teen Homeless Shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She, along with the other people we will be interviewing, will have an interesting and unique take on the questions we will ask.  One question I want to ask Mandi is simply what kind of teens come into the shelter.  What's the typical age range? Do they have parents? What kind of situation are they in? Another question I would like to ask her is whether the teens that come to the shelter look homeless.  It can actually be very difficult to tell the difference between a teen with a home and plenty of food and a teen that doesn't know whether or not they will have dinner tonight.

One article about youth poverty is from the National Center for Children in Poverty at  According to the article, more than 16 million children in the United States today live in families below the poverty line. Some of these children have health issues that they don't have the money to resolve, both physically and mentally.  Others develop behavioral problems because of poverty.  This article explains the need for a solution to youth poverty.


Hi Zach, I enjoyed your

Submitted by thomasr16 on Tue, 2015-11-24 09:41.

Hi Zach,
I enjoyed your article, you have picked a very interesting topic and I'd like to know more! I think that you could make your writing stronger by inserting quotes or paraphrasing what was said in the article. Also maybe include something that Mandi Keller has said to further support your argument. Nice work!

important issue

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Submitted by kfasimpaur on Tue, 2015-11-24 15:33.

I enjoyed reading about your research here and talking with you on Youth Voices Live.

Poverty, especially as it affects children, is such an important issue.

One policy area that is used to address this is the Earned Income Tax Credit. Here are a couple articles on that in case they are of interest to you:

I look forward to hearing more about your research.

Great Post!

Submitted by wilkee16 on Mon, 2015-11-30 14:28.

Dear Zach,
This is such an interesting and important topic to look into. I especially like the part of the post where you explain the questions you are planning on asking Mandi Keller. Asking her what the teens look like that come in is a fantastic idea that I would not have thought of. I feel that many teens in this situation would do anything the could to fit in on the outside and hide their situation. I wonder if you would also be interested in asking about how they feel their homelessness impacts their education. I would love to explore this more and read your finished story! Thank you for your post.

I find this topic very

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I find this topic very interesting.I think you could take this topic very far and build some really good ideas off of it. Finding some direct quotes could really help your writing as well.