Youth Voices has completely lost purpose.

Mar 17, 2016

I love this website, and a small handful of people do too. As a new comer to the website, I began pouring economic and social beliefs into this society as a purpose to make a change. Although this change will not be big, it will mean something to the young and fresh minds reading this on their phones and laptops. I always have been convinced by my teacher's actions that it was basically a site to post assignments and projects. And as far as I am disappointed, this site is nothing but that.

Every day when I log on, I see nothing but a wave of the exact same project looming over everything, taking space of the featured section. A class must've been told by their teacher to write a project, such as an "I am" poem or an experience they had and name their title the exact same thing. And while I would like to read them, it disappoints me on how students treat this website as a place to post assignments, rather than respecting its name "youth voices" and post real political, economic and social problems and lead fascinating ways to fix it. That is way more interesting.

And it seems that staff also is being just a bit inactive. For example, the featured section is probably ran by a computer that picks out random things. I have sawn miraculous posts that have been covered up by classes posting a massive wave of assignments, taking up unnecessary room for other posts to lighten.

This is a message out to the students reading this. Take this website as a chance to make change. Make youth voices not a place to post assignments when a teacher tells you to, make decisions and communicate with each other. Each and every one of you has a great mind that is just waiting to be revealed, and you have more potential than you think you do. Post actual and interesting arguments rather than only doing it when a teacher tells you to, make change. Change the town, change the state, change the country.

Change the world.



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Submitted by kfasimpaur on Mon, 2016-03-21 19:48.

Thanks for your post. I agree that writing is most powerful when it is initiated by one's passions and not just an assignment. And, yes, Youth Voices is used for both. (Some teachers let students determine their own assignments based on their passions -- that's a cool idea, huh?)

Regarding the featured discussions, they are picked by an actual human not a computer. (Discussions with recent comments and the listings under each channel are automatically generated.) I'm sure we miss some great posts though. There is a lot to go through. If you see a post that you think should be featured, send it to me at karen at k12opened dot com.

I like your message to students to use their writing (and Youth Voices) to change the world.

Keep writing.


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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Tue, 2016-03-22 18:58.

Hello, I would like to make a quick apology of my misconception. I talked with my teacher about it, and it's all clarified now. Thanks!

no apology necessary

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Submitted by kfasimpaur on Wed, 2016-03-23 17:00.

I think you made some good points. In fact, we talked about some of this on Youth Voices Live today: (at 7:40). I hope I represented your thoughts accurately!

I don't get it - you're

Submitted by connorc on Wed, 2016-03-23 11:36.

I don't get it - you're saying that students shouldn't submit the work that they're required by their teacher for a grade to post onto youth voices? I don't think that it's your place to tell people to fail their classes because you don't like what they're posting. Creativity is creativity, and if someone works hard on an assignment they sure [omission] should be able to post it freely, without someone diminishing their work down to "just another assignment." Someone's school assignment could be the assignment to change the world on this website, however, the population of this website is so small that such a change is unlikely. Have a good one! ;-)

I get it :)

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Submitted by kfasimpaur on Wed, 2016-03-23 17:02.

I don't think that Eric is saying that assignments shouldn't be posted. I think he's just saying that some of the most powerful writing we do comes from things we have a passion about, not just "assignments." Sometimes it's nice to read about those things as well.

And yes, an assignment could change the world! It sometimes only takes one person to make a huge change.

Anyway, I think that Youth Voices can be a home to both assignments and to other writing that people do out of passion for a topic.

Oh god.

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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Thu, 2016-03-24 11:54.

I wish I could use that handy quote tool I used to use, but I'll manually do it.

"I don't think that it's your place to tell people to fail their classes because you don't like what they're posting"

First off, let's keep this a nice area, shall we? Discriminating posts and rude comments like these, making me look like a boss, angers people, and I hope that you understand that. I didn't offend the youthvoices community directly, only indirectly to explain their inactivity, which was later resolved by staff of different states.

Second, please actually read my entire post, or understand it better. It takes just a bit of effort to understand that my post is a calling out the students to engage more, not to boss you around to post more interesting stuff. Not only assignments are important, but I can see lots of students from our school only posts what our teachers tell us to. My calling is to post in your free time, post your own things that someone else didn't tell you to do.

Third, I don't see from any other comprehension to take my post as an insult directly to you. As most posts in youthvoices are arguments, they don't forcefully tell people to do things a certain way.

And as you can tell from my pervious comments, my comments come with a polite way to respond, a polite way to address, and an apology to all of the things that you thought I said. As I have apologized to the staff above, I hope I can address to you as well. Please discontinue hurtful posts like these, as it will only stir on my behavior and more stress.