Youth Voices LIVE! + Ask Big Questions + NowComment = Connection

Mar 10, 2015

So, what I want to follow through on is using Ask Big Questions and NowComment to have a place for everybody to have a common text and a common reference point for the "month" -- actually 2 or 3 weeks, given vacations and all.

That's the idea I floated some time ago, and I know that there are lots of other pressures and commitments and priorities, but I was wondering if we can't keep Youth Voices LIVE! connected to the Ask Big Questions each month. A

As proved true last Friday, there will still be lots of room to go in any direction that the students choose, but I really like the protocol that starts with a personal story about the Big Question, then goes into a conversation about a short text, then to wherever.

So if this make some sense for some of your students can you point them this week to: So that we can begin to ask: "What advantages do you have?"

I can introduce the text very briefly at the end of the session on Friday, then if you could encourage them to annotate it during the week, I'm guessing that the conversation next Friday, March 20 will be pretty interesting.

Students can find this text by following the March links under the AskBigQ tab on the YV homepage or by following the link to on the LIVE! tab.

Here's this month's discussion guide. (Be sure to scroll all the way down to #4. I would love to get to the "Do" questions on March 27.)

Let me know what you think.