Zombies vs Unicorns part 2

May 15, 2011

The book is getting better and better with each story that I read. I'm almost done with the book and I have gone through all of the stories but two. I noticed that the zombie stories tend to be better than the unicorn ones. There are some unicorn stories that beat some zombie stories but for he most part they don't. A lot of he zombie stories are about love and how the characters go on with their lives with the idea of zombies in their world. In some stories the zombies are an obstacle while in others they are an average every-day thing that the people live with. The unicorn stories, however are more about healing and love/ hate toward the unicorn itself. The person who meets the unicorn, in the end, ends up being attached to it and loves it unconditionally. Sometimes there is love in the unicorn stories and sometimes there are some parodies going on. With the way the anthology is going right now, I think that I am more drawn to Team Zombie, also because of all of the arguments that Holly and Justine have before each story. Before I was unsure of what team i would be on but this book has given me the side and I have gone over to Team Zombie.