Reading like an Actor

Dec 31, 1969
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Will you: 

Practice and record a dramatic reading of a page of dialogue from a novel.

This mission works very well with the novel Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quinonez, but you can use any portion of a novel that has a lot of dialogue.


Choose a page of a novel that is mainly monologue or dialogue between two people.  Practice reading this page with expression.  This means

  • the pitch of your voice rises and falls
  • the tone changes according to punctuation
  • pacing speeds up and slows down in different places
  • phrasing makes sense
  • volume becomes loud and soft

When you are ready, choose a partner and record only the dialogue (no narration, inner monologue, or speech tags).  Convert this file to mp3 (

Upload your .mp3 to the Media section under the Body box on your Profile (Edit Profile, click Bio.)  Save your upload, then return to Edit Profile and the Bio tab.

Now you need to copy three things and put them together at the top of your Bio.

  • Right-Click or Control-Click on the link for the .mp3 that should appear in the bottom, left corner of your Bio. Copy the Link Address and paste it at the top of your Bio.
  • Create a “Dramatic Reading” post.  Copy the code below, and paste it in the body of your post. Replace "horse.mp3" with the URL for your .mp3.  
  • Copy the dialogue you read below the code.Save and publish!  Apply for a badge at