Horse and Bear Fable with Dialogue Punctuation

Jul 30, 2014
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Let's start with three basic rules, and if you want more, here are a Dozen Rules. And if that's not, here are 14 pages of ideas about writing and punctuating Dialogue.

Rule #1: Use quotation marks to indicate the words that are spoken by the characters.

Example: “Help me!” exclaimed the little girl.

Rule #2: Always begin a new paragraph when the speaker changes.


“I am coming home,” Sue announced.

“I am really tired and can’t work anymore.”

“Okay, I think you should do that,” her husband agreed.

Rule #3: Use correct punctuation marks and capitalization.

Example: “May I buy a new pair of shoes?” Lauren asked her mom.

Note that the quotation marks are outside the end punctuation of the quote; the rest of the sentence has its own end punctuation.

If the quote is not a question or exclamation, use a comma and not a period before the second quotation marks.

“I bought a new jacket yesterday,” Tammy said.


That's enough to get started. On paper, in Docs write a fable, by following the steps listed in these slides, one paragraph at a time.: