Found Poem as Literary Response

Jun 15, 2015
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Will you: 

Respond to a novel by creating a found poem depicting a key scene or event. Use powtoon software to design an audiovisual complement to your poem.

Use this slideshow to guide you through the process of writing a found poem in response to any novel.

Found poems are typically made by collecting words from another source and rearranging them into a poem of your own on another sheet of paper. You’ll depict your found poem, however, using powtoon to incorporate audio and visual material. Your poem should illustrate a type of courage shown by one of the characters in the novel you are working with. As a reminder, courage can be shown physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, moral, or spiritual.

Brainstorm real life examples of each type of courage, as well as an example from the novel you are working with, when a character exhibits one of these types.

Type of Courage Definition Real Life Example Event from book (pg. #)
Physical Bravery at the risk of bodily harm or death
Emotional Risking negative emotions to find truth and happiness
Intellectual Willingness to engage in challenging ideas
Social Risking exclusion, embarrassment, unpopularity, or rejection
Moral Doing the “right” thing, even if risking shame or disapproval
Spiritual Struggling with questions of faith and meaning

Now that you have completed your courage chart, you can use this process to select an event and page to use for your poem.

Tips: flip back through the pages you wrote on your chart to determine the single page/event you consider to be most significant. This question also might help you make your decision: If the book were to catch fire and you could only save one page, which page would it be?

Now follow the instructions on the slide show above to complete your mission.
Have fun!