Reporting on a Game

Dec 10, 2013
Guide types

The <Name of Game> is a game in which <one, two, three, one player and the computer>... <Finish this sentence by explaining what each player does in the game.> The goal of the game is for... <Finish this sentence by explaining how someone wins.> What makes this game fun is... <Explain in 2 or 3 more sentences.>

I watched <Player One> and <Player Two> play on <Date>, and they said that the game was <adjective showing emotion> because…

The game started with <Player One>... <Explain the first steps of the game>, then <Player Two>... <Continue explaining the begining steps of the game.>

At one point in the game the players were <adjective showing emotion> because… <Explain what happened.>

A turning point in the game came when <One of the Players>... <Explain an important strategy that one of the players used to get the upper hand.>

Finally, the game ended when… <Explain the final step of the game.>

Most people would find <Name of Game> to be <adjective showing emotion>, because...