Getting started with Youth Voices

Apr 15, 2016
Image for issue at Youth Voices

Will you: 

List questions. Choose one. Say why. Read something. Add quote. Cite. Find image. Post. Comment. This can be done in a 90-minute period.

  1. Open a Google Doc, and share with your teacher.
  2. Write at least 10 questions that you have about yourself, your community, and/or the world. These questions should be researchable, and ones that you don’t already know the answer to. Go here for more details about the 10 Questions assignment (10 minutes).
  3. For your most promising questions, in parenthesis, type at least 5 keywords/tags after each question (5 minutes).
  4. Next, skip a few lines, and pick one question to write about why it is of interest to you and all that you already know about it. Write about what you would like to know about it that you don't already know. (10 minutes)
  5. Search for some information about your inquiry question. In your Google Doc, quote some of the information that you found, and cite the source, either by copying and pasting the URL into the discussion post, or making a word into a link. Here's how to turn words into a hyperlink (30 minutes).
  6. Find an image that speaks to your topic. Download this image to your computer. You'll need it in the next step (10 minutes).
  7. Post your writing as a Discussion on Youth Voices, using the "Create Discussion" button at the top left of the Home Page (5 minutes).
  8. Comment. Find another student's discussion that interests you. Write a comment that you think the writer would find helpful. More about how to write helpful comments here (15 minutes).

Work you will have: 

  1. A link to a Google Doc with at least 10 researchable questions that you have about yourself and the world (some with keywords), and some first-draft writing.
  2. A link to a Youth Voices post about why a question is of interest to you. Your writing should include:
    • All that you already know
    • What you would like to know
    • A quotation from something your read online, with a link to that source
    • An image that speaks to your topic, added to your post
  3. A link to a helpful comment you wrote on another student's discussion that interests you.