Youth Voices Challenges and Tasks (aligned with Common Core Learning Standards) - Level 1

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Each of the five Challenges on this grid represent the kinds of work that we think are essential in any classroom in the 21st Century. These are the essential learning standards, aligned to the Common Core Standards, that we think are important to see repeated week after week and at different levels of accomplishment.

It's necessary for this list to be limited so that all the skills within each of these standards can be practiced within a relatively short period, assessed, then repeated at least three times. We have tested these five Challenges for several years, and we feel confident because of our experiences with students that students are engaged by these categories of work and that these standards engender work that is rigorous and relevant and that values relationships with peers, teachers, and members of the community.

Further, each of the four types of Tasks that move across the columns of the grid represent a different Habit of Mind and Work, and we have braided habits from different sources to describe these ways of thinking and acting.