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Looking for specific guidelines? Choose a title in the list below to find detailed scaffolds that make explicit what is expected in many different types of discussion posts and comments on Youth Voices. Once you've internalized these guides, we encourage you to mix and match different paragraphs, and to go beyond the use of a guide as well.

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Check out the articles (PDFs) students and teachers have collected for each other in this Youth Voices Personal Crocodoc folder. Add folders with new topics and add PDFs of articles that you think others might find helpful int their research. How to video for using and adding PDFs in the Youth Voices Crocodoc Folder.

Comment on a poem about a flower or vegetable

Agree/Disagree Response

General Discussion Response

Comments as a Genre

Quoting a Source in a Comment

8 Intriguing Strategies to Continue the Discussion

Comment on a Work of Art, Photograph, Poem... / Opina sobre una obra de arte, fotografía, poema ...

Commenting Template

Shakespearean Sonnet Response / Respuesta soneto de Shakespeare

Responding to Another Person’s Work of Art

World Connections

Questioning and Speculating

Tracking the Themes / Seguimiento de los Temas

Tracking the Characters

Tracking the Plot / Guía de comentario literario: El seguimiento de la trama

Social Media Connections

Book Connections

Media Connections

Character Traits and Relationships

Character Archetypes

Plot Analysis

Character Analysis Introduction

Noticing after making

Tracking the Point of View

Reviewing a Scratch Project - Ethical Story

Art or Artifact Dialectical Notes

Response to a Simulation

Beginning/ Middle / End

Adding a quotation to a discussion or comment

Developed Response to a Non-Fiction Article or Book

Response to a Wikipedia article

Dialectical Notes (Google Docs Template)

Five Reliable Sources

Citing Internet Sources

Basic Response to a Non-Fiction Article or Book

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Indelible Moments (from "Little Things are Big")

Horse and Bear Fable with Dialogue Punctuation

Writing Prose Poetry Paragraphs like Cisneros in "My Name"

Choosing A Topic for a Research Paper

Speculating on an Inquiry

Portfolio Cover Letter / Carta de presentación de portafolio

Something I wish you knew... This is important because... Open Badges

Artist's Statement

Crafting a Shakespearean Sonnet

Quoting a speech, conversation, trip, assembly, guest speaker, panel discussion, video, event...

Class Study or Inquiry

Personal Inquiry

Sample News Article

Dialogue of Authors or Characters


Citing Sources

Letters to the Next Mayor of New York City (Developed)

Letters to the Next Mayor of New York City (Basic)

Letters to the Next Mayor of New York City (General)

Reporting on a Game

Describing Your Neighborhood