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Horse and Bear Fable
Getting Started on Scratch
Change of life
Change of Life It all started with one gang sign that changed everything on that Saturday evening,...
How religion influence our life?
3 Days in Nogales
EXT. SCHOOL BUILDING SUNNY SPRING MORNING Camera POV of someone walking up to a large New York...
How was the world created?
This story or dialogue is to show 3 different perspectives about the creation of the world. Is tell...
Would America be able to repay China debts they owe?
Poem: The Spirit Of America Poem. Argument: Would America be able to repay China their debts they...
The Power of The Family
Hace mucho un hombre llamado Juan vivía con su mujer Maria en una casa muy pobre , los 2 no tenían...
What is the Meaning of Perfect?
What is the Meaning of Perfect? Characters-Spirit, Body, Mind Spirit- Did you know I am perfect?...
Does religion really unite us?
“Get up Lana, time for school” I would hear as my mother woke me at the same time every school day...
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