History of Photography

Dec 31, 1969
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Will you: 

Create a wiki page about a significant photographer from the past.

Create a Wiki page about a photographer from history who you admire. Please follow this guide:



Born:                          Died:


Technical info : Camera, capture medium (film, glass plate, metal plate, digital sensor, etc) with examples (pictures)


Major photographic contributions:


Narrative on photographer's style, content, approach to his / her artwork


Examples to illustrate your points about the above style, content, approach


How did this artist reflect the events or movements of his/her time in his/her photography? Did they make significant contributions to society with their artwork? In what way? What influences are visible in the photographer's work, or do they speak of in their statements about their artwork? Is there a particular artist, photographer, art movement, historical event, or other key component that helped to shape the photographer and their work?