How I got there

Jun 30, 2015
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Will you: 

Keep track of what you do as you research so that we can see and learn from each other about the weird and wonderful paths research can take!

Estimated time required: A few minutes each day that research is done


  • To do, redo, and then redo again how we research
  • To document our inquiry process as we learn about a project
  • To think about how our questions change as we learn more
  • To help each other see different ways to learn
  • To direct our own learning

Skills or tools needed:

  • Youth Voices
  • Ability to keep an ongoing document with work on your research

How to do it:

  1. Create a discussion post on Youth Voices that will show your “How I got there” steps.
  2. You can either post your steps in the above discussion post or make a google doc that serves as a log of what you do as you research something and embed that into your discussion post. (You could also do with with some other tool of your choice.)
  3. Keep a log of what you do each day as you work on your inquiry or research.
  4. Each day you work on your research, make a line with the date and a few short notes about your process. You might also note how what you did shaped your research process. For example, you might say:
    6/24/15 - thought about questions I have about autism
    6/25/15 - read the Wikipedia article about autism; added some questions and changed others
  5. Include your research citations as you go. You can use the research tool in Google docs to insert the link and cite the source.

Related resources:

    • You might start with thinking of 10 world/self questions or with some topic you’ve already identified.
    • You might also consider these questions as you go:
    1. What was your driving question? What were you wondering about? What answer were you looking for?
      • How did you narrow down the idea to something you could reasonably manage?
      • What precipitated the query?
    2. Who are you planning to share this with? How are you planning to share this?
    3. What issue did you discover? What convinced you to choose that issue? How does it connect to you? What plan do you have to learn more about the issue’s effect on others and a possible solution?
    4. What did you learn?
      • Perhaps an academic skill: reading, writing, research, compare, contrast, inference, communication, collaboration, content, etc.
      • Perhaps an issue
      • Perhaps a solution
      • Perhaps something for someone else on YV?
    5. What do you still need to do with this work?
    6. What did you like about this process?
    7. What didn't you like about this process?
    8. Next, I will-- What will you do next?

Work you will have: 

  1. A link to a discussion post on Youth Voices that will show your “How I got there” steps. This might include an embedded Google Doc or some other tool.
  2. A link to a publically available log of what you did each day as you worked on your inquiry or research.
  3. A link to your research citations, with links and sources listed.
  4. A link to your research organizer.