Unit 3 Project 7-1: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

May 23, 2016

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This project is an animated version of Goldilocks and the three bears. The user has the experience of making a choice to choose where the story goes, whether Goldilocks lies about her wrongdoings or she tells the truth. This is based on the original tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, with a special twist for a decision. Each decision that the viewer makes will reveal more moral ideas, themes, and emotions. This is a very popular tale, but I thought that if I could show my interpretation of it through scratch, it could be successful and interesting. The first choice will demonstrate how Goldilocks stays in the house while she tries out all of the objects that the bears own. The bears find her within the house and she is stuck in trouble. the latter will demonstrate how Goldilocks does the same actions before, but lies about what she did to the bears. She lives to come again and she is punished in a way worse than when she would have been honest.

Act 2 Part 1Act 2 Part 2Act 2 Part 3Act 2 Part 4Act 1Act 1 -The girl - Goldilocks: G (forest) G-Ah! A nice cottage in the woods! G-Who lives here? G-Probably a nice family who is away on vacation! G-They won't mind. Let me make my way in when I can. (Makes way into house) G-Ah! A bowl of porridge. G-Today must be my lucky day. G- I am very tired after all of that amazing porridge. The perfect ratio of boring texture and bland flavors in a bowl. G- The big one was very sweet. G- The medium sized one was too dry!!! G- The small one was just perfect. G- Now let me rest in this smaller bed. M- What are you doing in our cottage house! D- You thought that the animal who owned it was as weak as a mouse? K- I may be smaller than a regular bear but the chance of you living is very rare. G- Oh no!!! Should I tell a lie and live and not die or be honest! (Blackscreen) ACT 2a G- Oh come on! I am Goldilocks, a poor lonely girl! M- Well what do we do? You have an agreement? D- We can’t listen to her! She probably lies!!! She’ll go to the station and tell them the wrong thing! K- And then we'll be framed for doing just nothing! G- So you're going to kill me and eat me like food! That would be rude… FINE! I did it I did it i’m sorry i’m sorry I did not mean to make anyone worry! M- Well you are a thief, an intruder of property! D- A very young girl but at least you have honesty! G- Well bye!!! I'll escape from you now! Leave me alone or ill give you a pow!!! (G runs out) G-A life lesson was learned, never to lie. So now I will think before I choose to die. (BLACK SCREEN) Act 2b -The girl - Silvia: G -The bear (mom): M -The bear (dad): D -The bear (kid): K -The Lion: L (House) G- No No! I am a good one I promise I promise! I thought this was my aunt’s house I’m honest I’m honest!!! D- I don’t know what to do! Do I spare you! M- Do we eat you! K- I want to go back to bed I am scared of this monster! G- Come on! Let me go!!! (Decision making) D- We will spare you. Ma- NOW GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!! (BLACK SCREEN) G(Walks into cottage again) DMK (in unision) WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR COTTAGE HOUSE!!! D- I’ll squash ya like a mouse M- I’ll kick ya like a rat D- Well show ya for lying how dare you do that. M- Since you lied you shall be punished more!!! We will bring you to the house of the lion!!! Why hello there my friend! You ready to die! You get a strong killing for trying to lie!!! Oh here I am! Ready to rumble! Next time find another house to bumble!!! (BLACKSCREEN)