Kalief Browder, 1993-2015

Jun 8, 2015
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"Kalief Browder, in July, 2014." Photograph by Zach Gross in the New Yorker.

Will you: 

Read and annotate, watch and annotate videos and listen to and annotate podcasts to learn more about Kalief Browder. Get involved in discussions about Kalief Browder by commenting and adding your own essays and poems as discussion posts.

How to annotate the texts and videos embedded below:
Log into NowComment, or Log into Gmail first, then sign in with Google.

    Make notes on sentences

  • identify key sentences and say why they are important
  • guess at, then find definitions for words you don't know
  • point to words that this author uses frequently, and explain why s/he does this

    Make notes on a paragraph

  • a part that you think is particularly memorable, and explain why
  • dialogue that shows something significant about the characters
  • something that confuses you. Say what you do understand, then explain what's still not clear.

    Make notes on the writer's craft

  • choose a specific example, and identify the literary technique used.
  • select a sentence or a paragraph, and explain how these capture the main themes of this text.
  • point out a sentence that stands out to you—for whatever reason—and explain why.

Step One of Six: Read and annotate this article in NowComment

Step Two of Six: Read and annotate this summary and watch and respond to the video interview.

Add your comments to the General Document Comments under the video on NowComment.

Step Three of Six: Read and annotate the transcript as you watch this news interview in NowComment

Step Four of Six: Read and annotate Mayor Bill de Blasio's response to Kalief's story, and read and annotate the summaries as you watch these security videos, both in NowComment



Step Five of Six: Read and annotate Jennifer Gonnerman's New Yorker obituary in NowComment

Step Six A of Six: Write a poem to remember Kalief Browder

Write a poem to remember the Kalief, after reading the texts above. Use both your imagination and the facts. Use "Night, for Henry Dumas" and "41 Bullets Off-Broadway" as model texts. Post your poem as a discussion on Youth Voices, and comment on other students' "Kalief Browder, 1993-2015" poems.

Getting inside of the example poems:

Go to Genius, (and after you log in) annotate these two poems with words, images, and video. Make notes on lines where the poets used facts, and where they used their imaginations. In your annotations, add information that you learn from reading the Wikipedia articles that linked at the bottom of each poem.

Night, for Henry Dumas
by Aracelis Girmay

Read more: Henry Dumas

La noche, por Enrique Dumas
by Aracelis Girmay

Leer más: Enrique Dumas

41 Bullets Off-Broadway
by Willie Perdomo

Read More: Amadou Diallo

41 Balas Off-Broadway
por Willie Perdomo

Leer más: Amadou Diallo (español)

Step Six B of Six: Comment on other students' "Kalief Browder, 1993-2015" poems using the Commenting Guides

Agree/Disagree Response, General Discussion Response, or Quoting a Source in a Commnet