Make a Mission or Investigation

A mission or an investigation is a way to post an invitation for students to make something to share on Youth Voices. It can be an activity, a project, or a writing prompt. Missions/Investigations can be created by teachers or students.

Here are the steps to follow to make a mission/investigation:

  1. Log in to Youth Voices. (Any authenticated member of Youth Voices, both teachers and students can make a mission/investigation.)
  2. Go your Member Home tab on the home page and click Create a Mission.
  3. To post your mission/investigation, you'll need a mission/investigation image, an overview (short description that will appear on the main mission/investigation page), a channel, and a description, which is where the detailed description of your missions/investigation goes). Below is a template you might want to follow for this or you can create your own format.

    As you work on this, if may also be helpful to know a bit of HTML. However, if you don't, and you have a mission/investigation you want posted, you can also email it to us.

  4. It is also helpful if you can include examples of student work that was done for this mission/investigation. These examples will appear on the left side of the mission/investigation when it is posted and will be very useful to others thinking about your mission/investigation.You can add examples when you create the mission/investigation or later. To include an example, first go to the YV page with the students' post you want to include. Copy the exact name of the post (e.g. "I believe in plants"). Then on the page where you are creating or editing the mission/investigation, go to the Examples section, and paste or type in that post name. The system will pop up a box that you can then select. It will include the nid reference number which the system needs to display examples.
  5. Optionally, you can include badges for your mission/investigation. Badges are a way to recognize work that is done through peer review and award. To see other examples of badges that have been created, you might look at these YV summer program badges or other existing badges on P2PU. You can create your own badge using the P2PU badge creator (must be logged into P2PU first).


Here is a suggested template for a mission/investigation:


Overview [A short description of the mission/investigation that will appear on the overview page. This also appears next to the student examples that you attach to this mission/investigation.]


Description [detailed description of the mission/investigation; suggested things to include below]

* Estimated time required
* Objectives
* Skills or tools needed
* How to do it - instructions or steps to complete
* Related resources (including tutorials, examples, etc.)
* Assessment