My Region

Sep 8, 2015
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Will you: 

Now that we have looked at the whole world, let's determine our relationship to the country we live in! Here we will look at maps, current events, and a little bit of history of what has happened in the United States.

1. Follow the link to the map of the United States: Each state has a corresponding number. In your journal, number your page one through fifty, and using your atlas begin to determine which state is which!

2. Using your Atlas, complete the Atlas exploration worksheet. By the time you complete this activity, you should be able to read a map key, use a map scale, and determine directions on a map.

3. Read the handout on regions. This gives a brief summary of the regions in the US, and also provides a more in-depth explanation about why and how regions are different. Then, answer the ten multiple choice questions and submit them.

4. Pick one region to explore a little more in-depth. Using this map:, determine which states are located in the region. Then, using this link, answer the following questions about each state: What is each state's capital? What is each state's population? Does the state border an ocean? What are the state's major industries?

5. Write a six-sentence paragraph that summarizes your region as a whole. What are some similarities between the states? What are some differences? Your paragraph should be structured like:
1. Introductory sentence
2. First similarity
3. Second similarity
4. First difference
5. Second difference
6. Concluding sentence