Me vs. the World

Dec 31, 1969
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Will you: 

Determine your relationship to the world we live in. What do you know about each continent? How does it differ from where you live?

This mission is to explore your relationship to the world we live in. You will choose one continent and write a summary paragraph based on independent research you have conducted. Your summary paragraph should contain only the most important information about that continent.Then, you should write a second paragraph explaining how that continent is different from places that you have lived or what you expected to find in your research.

Step 1: In your journal, write about a place that is important to you. What makes this place special to you?

Step 2: Follow this link to a world map: Drag and drop the names of the continents onto their geographic locations. Do so until you feel comfortable with identifying the continents on the map.

Step 3: Now that you have identified the continents, on the map find the places that are most important to you. Turn to a friend at your table and show them these places. Explain why they are so important to you!

Step 4: On the chart provided, fill in two things that you already know about each continent. Then, using your computer or an atlas, research each continent to find two facts that you did now know about each continent. Here are some websites that might be helpful in this:

Step 5: Of the continents you just researched, select the one that interested you the most. For that continent, you will do even more research so that you can write a paragraph about that continent. Your paragraph should be in a Google Doc and should contain only the most important information is about that continent. Then, write a second information that explains why that continent was interesting to you. What did you learn about that continent? What did you already know? How does that continent differ from places you have been? Did your research change how you think about that continent?