Youth (and teacher) Voices - May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

A group of us were talking on TTT on Wed. about Youth Voices and what we'd like to do together next year and how we might collaborate. One idea was to do a periodic newsletter (the first of which you are now reading!) to share ideas, request help, and to spur collaborations.

If you have anything you'd like to share with other YV teachers, email us! In the meantime, here are some items of interest:

  • Many of us have been reading and talking about Baltimore and Freddie Gray. Here are some related resources that we can read and annotate together. How are you all bringing this into your teaching and Youth Voices?
  • From Chris Sloan..."For the past month or so, students at Judge Memorial have been blogging about what they've discovered as they have engaged in a research unit based on their own inquiry questions. On Monday, May 18, they will be writing an abstract of their paper as their discussion post. Attached to the post will be the PDF version of their final paper." We'd love to see comments and/or annotations from others on these papers. Stay tuned for a link to those, and they'll also be highlighted on the main page of Youth Voices.
  • On the next TTT, on Wed., May 13 at 9pm ET, we'll be talking about, an annotation tool. To learn more about this tool and talk about how we can use it on YV, join us us at
  • What books are you planning to read next year, and how might you incorporate YV and/or cross-school discussions into your reading? Think more about this and post your comments here.
  • We'd like to welcome Gabrielle Utting and Queens Metro High School to YV. The students there have just started posting and would love to get comments back from your students!
  • A group of us are thinking about a summer teacher book club around James Beane’s Curriculum Integration: Designing the Core of Democratic Education, which is the foundation for the 10 self/10 world question framework. Let us know if you're interested and/or get more info here.
  • What are you planning for your classes and YV for next year? Consider writing a post on the YV TTT channel.

These newsletters will also be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and on Youth Voices in the TTT channel. If you'd prefer not to receive them by email, just let us know by replying to this message.


Paul, Chris, and Karen