Jun 24, 2009

First Name: 


    Lets just say that i was forced to be here, against my will. And i have better things to do than this crap.  It seems fun but completely pointless.

    As you can see, i love video games and model making. I spend most of my money on the latter. I have quite a few model at home, and worry about them falling down and breaking time to time.

    My favorite game is World of Warcraft. But when it comes to different consoles like ps2 and xbox, there are a lot more varieties. I started playing Wow 3 years ago, and before that i was playing Warcraft for even longer. I first started play Wow because of the storyline in Warcraft was continues in it, and later I fell in love with it. Even though it was not bad as what most people would call "addited", but i do love the game. Aside from PC, i play ps2 as well.