UNDERWATER: death: friend or foe

Mar 16, 2009
by: Achen

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I'm Learning more about The Afterlife and Death right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is: Is it true, that if to gain if you die, then Christ must be my life. As I was reading in my Google Reader, this blog post caught my attention because of the title "Death: friend or foe" because I thought to myself why could death possible by a friend?

The quote i chose here is basically saying, that in order for death to be a gain in life, Christ must be your life, meaning you have to convert to Christianity and believe.

I Think this is very interesting chose of words because in a way i guess it is like a fair trade. Although you eliminate desires and believe in Christ, he will let you pass the gate to Heaven in exchange..very interesting.
Naturally people are very much afraid of death. Not afraid are those who believe there isn't any kind of existence after death. Otherwise they are in panic fear of death. In order to eliminate the panic people deny the reality of afterlife (the above There Is No Afterlife) or create pseudo reality of what will happen after they die. The most popular kinds of deceit are Rest In Peace and Better Place. The eastern type of deceit that is quickly getting popular is Reincarnation, i.e. we'll yet have another chance, this is not the end. These help people lull the fear and continue living in comfortable self-deceit until death shatters its sand castle. Thus death is an enemy.God's version is death is gain. Though God's reality is not what awaits us after life. God's reality is life itself, Life Eternal. Thus death is friend. How do i become friends with death?What struck me most in Philippians 1:21 is that for the equation to work, for death to become gain, Christ must become my life.