Sep 9, 2009

First Name: 


My name is Reasat Protik.  I'm a 17 year old senior at East-West.  I'm a Muslim.  Oh and I'm from Bangladesh.

    My name is Reasat Protik.  I'm a senior at the East-West School of International Studies.  I turned 17 on June 27th.  This is my second and last year at EWSIS.  I enjoyed my junior year here.  It was a big transition from moving from Bronx Science to here.  Bronx Science was a large school.  It was much harder there than here.  After I moved to Jamaica, I transferred to EWSIS.  I am from a Bangladeshi-Muslim family.  I was born in Bangladesh, but I grew up here in New York almost my whole life.  I have one older brother, who is currently a pharmacist.     
    I am a pretty lazy guy, but when I'm focused and motivated, I tend to do great things.  I'm kind of shy, until  I get to know you a bit.  I can be funny at times, but I'm mostly a serious guy.  I'm kind of careless.  I can be forgetful at times.  And I tend to lose things sometimes.  Like today.  I had a cell phone on me today on my way to school.  But I did not realize I had left it on my seat.  At the end of the day, after school finished, I realized my phone was missing.  I searched all over school but could not find it.  I really couldn't figure out where I left it, until the guy who found my phone called my house.  He said I left on the bus this morning.  I'm scheduled to go pick it up from him tomorrow.  Its rare to see people like him who would be that caring.  Most people would just steal it and keep it for themselves.

     I love sports, especially basketball and football.  I love to play these sports and have a lot of knowledge about them.  I'm basically a big sports fanatic.  I can talk to you all day about sports.  My favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Since it's the offseason in the NBA, the only thing to watch it baseball and football.  I don't really watch baseball, but I do love the New York Mets.  Since they are doing horrible this year, I don't really watch baseball at all.  I watch football all weekend when I'm home.  College football is on all Saturday and the NFL is on all Sunday long.  College football is alright, but it's sad to see some great players become busts in the NFL.  On Sundays I try to make sure I don't miss NFL games.  My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints and right now they are playing very well for the first time since 2006.  I hope they win it all this year.

    I come from a very religious family.  My father isn't that religious at all, but my brother and mother live their everyday lives according to Islam.  That has impacted my life and the decisions I make.  Religion is really important to me.  Right now, I'm trying learn as much as possible about my religion.  I attend many classes and courses whenever I get the chance to.  I also try to get involved in religious activities at my mosque.  While I do all that, I try to keep a balance with my studies and other things.  Islam is not only a religion.  It's a way of life. 

    I could write a whole novel about me, but this is basically a general bio about me.  If you want to get to know more about me, holla at ur boy at