Sep 10, 2009

First Name: 


I'm Diana Alexandra Zhapa Merchan. And I consider myself a huge fan of Michael Jackson!

My name is Diana, and I attend to East West of International studies High School. Im 17 years old and I likev to eat Pizza. I like to play sports like soccer, vollyball, tennis, and baseball. What I enjoy the most is going to the movie the move theaters with my family and friends. My favorite shows are Friends, Two and Half man, My wife and Kids, Gossip Girl, and The secret life of the American teacher. What I like to do in school is read books and Math. What I enjoy the most is going to College writing class and English class. What I also like to do is Gym. What I like to do outside of school is spend time with my friends and drink Bubble tea or lowmein. I also like to go shopping for few a hours.